LENDLEASE Awards TimelapseLab in the final of the Premio 2031 – former Marzotto award

Timelapse Lab wins the special prize offered by Lendlease for the Premio 2031 competition.

The Premio 2031 platform has been supporting ideas to become businesses and innovative start-ups to develop their full potential for years. For the twelfth edition held this year, the jury selected 16 winning startups combined with as many important companies and multinationals.

TimelapseLab has obtained an important recognition from Lendlease, an Australian real estate company and leader in the urban regeneration sector. Their MIND project   has the objective of finding the best innovations in the field of real estate development and management and to support them through funding in the product testing and experimentation phases.
To assign us the Lendlease prize was Tommaso Boralevi, President of Federated Innovation MIND, who commented on our strengths

“TimelapseLab in fact offers a fundamental service for the control of construction sites and for the safety of workers, which are topics to which Lendlease is particularly linked. In addition they offer various innovative features, for example; integration of the video files they produce with BIM, the absence of maintenance; integration of artificial intelligence for the recognition of unwanted behaviors; auto darkening of the faces of the people filmed, who are concrete examples of what the construction site of the city of the future should be like. We really hope to be able to collaborate with them, and to soon be able to use the technology in the construction sites of the MIND project.”

The awards were held at the Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan and were opened by Giacomo Marzotto, Director of Export Canada, LATAM & Travel Retail of Santa Margherita Wine Group. All of this took place with great attention to sustainability, trying to minimize the environmental impact of the event.

Our journey with Premio 2031 began a few months ago, our first victory arrived in October, in fact we were awarded the Industrio.Co award which guided us in a training course dedicated to industry 4.0. (you can find more information in the news here)



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