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Time lapse devices are used in different contexts to create time lapse videos for construction sites and shipyards, Oil & Gas, tourism, production chains, but also public events. Unleash your creativity and discover the many time lapse sectors!


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Continuous monitoring

Thanks to the dedicated platform, you can monitor the progress of work 24/7.

Remote control

Control and change the settings of your device at all times, remotely.


The Timelapselab devices are designed for extreme conditions and do not need any maintenance of on-site periodic inspections. 



The Timelapselab devices are shipped ready to be installed. The framing is calibrated remotely.

Weather Resistant

We design our devices to resist any temperature or adverse weather condition.

Alert for anomalies

You will receive a swift notification in case of irregularities or system malfunctions.

Privacy compliance

The software detects and blurs faces, bodies, license plates, vehicles or areas to make all photos and videos privacy-compliant.

High quality

The Timelapselab devices are produced with the best materials and they offer high resolution interchangeable lenses.

International shipping

The devices are produced by Timelapselab and are shipped worldwide already functioning and ready for monitoring.


Construction - Timelapse sector

To immortalize a work carried out for a long period or to add value to the result, the time lapse video for construction sites is the ideal tool. Not just monitoring and control of on-site activities, but a means of communication to be shared on social networks or a tool to be transmitted during inaugurations and events such as at trade fairs. The time lapse stimulates the entire work team of the company and allows you to follow the project in its complete evolution. Among the timelapse sectors this in one of the main ones.

Inaugurations and events - Timelapse sector

With TimelapseLab devices you can capture every moment, from start to finish. Time lapse video is an important storytelling tool for companies and for anyone with a story to tell or an event to immortalize.

Tourism - Time lapse sector

The time lapse technique used in travel shooting, to tell the story of a city or in tourism in general, gives the possibility to capture unique moments that would be imperceptible in a single photo or in a classic video shoot. It is therefore an engaging and suggestive solution to promote the area, because it shows the wonders that characterize it in a few seconds.

Oil & Gas - Time lapse sector

The Oil & Gas industry is one of the largest sectors in the world and the constantly changing market dynamics entail operational challenges of various kinds: from the transition to more sustainable energy, to fluctuations in oil prices, from intensifying competition. global, climate change and the need to comply with stricter government regulations. All these factors increase the complexity and management risks that companies operating in the sector have to face.

The professional devices of TimelapseLab represent the innovative tool for the efficient monitoring of drilling, transport and storage, drilling and more generally for the management and optimization of production and drainage in conventional and unconventional environments. The devices, tested under stress conditions and extreme thermal excursions, guarantee optimal results and resistance to any critical condition (salt, wind, sand, water, etc.) encountered on site. Furthermore, the high customization of products and services will allow you to meet the needs and requests expressed in the specifications of the major oil industries.

Industrial plants - Time lapse sector

The use of time lapse has no limits and is also suitable for filming activities that take place within production chains, where for example it is used to show their movement. It is therefore possible to quickly see all the production phases relating to the packaging of a product, the assembly of parts of a car and much more.


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What is a time lapse video?

The time lapse technique consists in producing a video composed of photos taken at regular intervals for long-lasting events.

What are the uses of time lapse videos for construction sites?

Thanks to time lapse videos one can monitor the progress of their construction site and create impactful content to promote their project.

What is the image quality of the Timelapselab devices?

Our industrial-grade devices mount high quality lenses that allow you to create and export time lapse videos in 4K definition.

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