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What are the resolutions and sizes of the images?

Our professional devices are equipped with very high quality optics, which allow you to have high resolution images and which allows for 4K video export. We have several interchangeable optics to obtain different results.

What is the Timelapse Lab device with the highest resolution?

The device with the highest resolution is the 12MPX high resolution, implemented in the TL12.

What shooting interval should you set between one shot and the next?

There is no precise answer: depending on the subject you want to film, it will be possible to use different times and intervals. It is possible to decide an interval ranging from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the needs and depending on the type of work being carried out.

Is it possible to control the duration of the exposure?

The exposure time is automatically defined and adapted by the device, which is a way to ensure the best possible rendering in any lighting conditions.

Can there be distortion due to the width of the images?

We avoid installing the wide angle on our devices, in order to always have real images of the construction site not deformed by the optics and of very high resolution, even in difficult climatic conditions.

Do Timelapse Lab devices withstand adverse temperatures and weather conditions?

Yes, our industrially derived devices are designed with an ultra-resistant aluminum and steel body, to ensure solidity and durability. All our devices have been designed and tested to withstand adverse temperatures and weather conditions (wind, snow, rain, sand).

Is there a Timelapse Lab device compliant with “Atex” regulations?

Yes, the “TL ATEX” device complies with the “Atex” regulations, and is characterized by withstanding the most difficult conditions, both atmospheric (explosive atmospheres, or areas at risk of explosion due to the presence of flammable substances in the state of gas, ) than (mechanical stresses and vibrations during drilling).

Are Timelapse Lab devices stationary or mobile?

The Timelapse Lab technology has several devices in order to best meet the customer’s needs. There is therefore the possibility of ranging from fixed devices to mobile devices, and others capable of always guaranteeing a certain degree of flexibility and adaptability. To this reference, it is possible to consult the dedicated web page by clicking here.

Where should I mount the device?

Timelapse Lab helps you find the best location for your device. Submit your site plan to your account executive and they will provide the best option. We will show you the best possible view of the job site.

Can TimelapseLab help me move my device to another project?

If you need to move a device, just contact one of our account managers. We will be happy to help you.

Can I move my device remotely?

Our TLA8 VF device allows adjustment from 2.8mm up to 12mm completely remotely and therefore the possibility of changing framing and making camera movements in a few clicks and from a distance.

What types of time lapse do you offer?

Timelapse Lab offers four time-lapse video options: instant, customizable, recurring, and professionally produced.

Who can I contact for a new device?

If you have a question about a new product or would like to make a new purchase, contact the sales team at info@timelapselab.it or at the landline number +39 0376 1811478.


Is it possible to create 4K videos?

Yes, on request we make 4k videos with a post production program, in which all the photographs will be organized to create the sequence of frames that will compose it. The images will be selected and analyzed following the customer’s instructions and corrected, where necessary, in terms of colors, contrast, light, exposure and other useful parameters to achieve the desired result; this will avoid jumps of tone or color or light in the final video.

Can I view footage from multiple devices at the same time?

Yes, in the case of shots taken by two or more devices, we use the split screen technique, in which the screen is divided into two or more boxes, in each of which the shot of a device is displayed in order to have the complete view at the same time. of the evolution of the scene. Furthermore, if you want to give particular relevance to a shot, it is possible to increase the size of the box to full screen, for the necessary duration, also inserting a brief description of the scene in progress, and then return to the original size.

Is it possible to customize the movie with thanks or other required elements?

Yes, on request we create a customized film according to the explicit requests of the customer, by inserting useful elements for the project, such as the progressive shooting date, captions, an introduction, thanks, opening and closing credits. , etc…

Can I use other photo or video editing software or do I need to use Timelapse software?

You can use our web application “Timelapselab App” or upload your own photos and use your favorite software.

How are time lapse videos created?

Time lapses are created in the “Timelapselab App” web application. It is possible to create multiple timelapse projects starting from the same series of images, changing the time scale, using the advanced filter (for a long-term timelapse), adding a travel effect thanks to Pan & Zoom, etc. It is therefore possible to create as many timelapse videos as there are projects created. Once the construction site is completed, it is also possible to have a video made by our technicians.

Is it possible to protect employee privacy and obscure vehicle license plates?

Yes, thanks to our TL Privacy Software it is possible to obscure bodies, faces, license plates, vehicles and areas in order to protect the privacy of everything and everyone. TimelapseLAB complies with art. 4 of the Workers’ Statute. Find out more about our software by clicking here.


What is the size and weight of a Timelapselab device?

Width: 210mm / Depth: 180mm / Height: 70mm / Weight: 1.28kg

What kind of media can be used with the TL8 Pro device?

An Adjustable Stand is supplied with the device, through which the device can be moved, positioned and adjusted within the construction site in full autonomy.

Are there more optics for the devices?

Yes, Timelapse Lab devices can have interchangeable optics according to the needs of the construction site and the customer.


What can be remotely edited for long-term time lapse sequences?

You can remotely check the time lapse system settings at any time and make changes to technical parameters, such as the frequency of shots. In the event of a system malfunction, you are able to report the problem within 1 hour; for example, the power supply to the device could fail (even if it rarely happens): in this case the foreman is warned who will restore the connection and the device will restart automatically.

Is there a platform on which to monitor your devices?

Yes, we have created an ad hoc online software to test, monitor and always stay updated on your devices and related shots called Timelapse Lab APP. Find out more about this service by clicking here.

In the event that the devices stop working, is there a control / alert system that promptly notifies the problem?

Yes, in the event that the devices encounter any type of operating problem and consequently stop taking pictures, the problem is promptly notified to both the customer and our system.
The Alert system can be managed independently and allows you to customize the frequency of sending the alert signals.


Is it possible to get an automatic time lapse of the construction site at any time?

Yes, it is possible to download an automatically produced timelapse with the photos taken up to that moment, following the instructions that will be communicated on your personal page.

How can I access my photos?

Access your job site images and time-lapse videos by accessing the image dashboard. You have access from anywhere and on any device.

Can I systematically have a copy of the photos periodically?

Yes, an automatic script system has been generated that sends photos of each device from the previous month to the e-mail address set by the customer on the 3rd of each month. The email contains a link which, when clicked, automatically starts the download of the zip containing all the photos.

Who can I contact for support services?

Contact us on +39 0376 1811478, we will be happy to help you.


When the connection is lost (WiFi or 4G / 3G), are the images saved?

The images taken are saved on a centralized server. The data is always reachable, no memory cards are used for data security and privacy reasons.


What happens if the device loses power?

If your camera loses power, our 24-hour monitoring system alerts you immediately. Check the camera’s power source to make sure it’s still connected. If the camera has power, check if the blue light on the camera is on. After checking the power and light, contact your customer service representative. Fortunately with our 24/7 monitoring system, we often detect that your device is offline before you even know it.


Need help?

Contact your customer service representative via your preferred method of communication (phone, email, text or chat) or fill out the form on the side.

Our goal is to always answer your questions within one hour.

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