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Timelapselab provides highly customizable solutions based on your needs. interchangeables lenses, device materials, privacy systems and much more.

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Custom and personalized solutions

Timelapselab offers highly customizable devices, products assembled by the Timelapselab Team according to your needs to provide a unique and inimitable solution. The plug&play devices are directly shipped on the construction site, that can be situated anywhere in the world, and they are ready for installation.

We can help you choose the best lenses for your needs as well as the materials for the case (i.e. aluminum, steel…).

The images obtained from monitoring can be downloaded and your company logo can be added automatically to each of them. You can also set the shooting interval according to your needs. 


In time, Timelapselab’s systems and technologies have developed following customer demands, privacy needs and sustainability guidelines. Today, in fact, one can rent devices equipped with solar panels for self-powering.

The Timelapselab Team, by relying on the structure of Amazon Web Services, has the possibility of positioning servers anywhere in the world, in order to meet customers’ technical and legislative needs. To satisfy all demands, our team has developed a solution for offline storage of images, without having to use a server to manage the whole system.


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Other features


Other features


The Timelapselab software allows to detect and blur in real time sensitive data present in the photos taken such as

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Time lapse videos

Thanks to the Timelapselab platform you can create impactful time lapse videos without the aid of external editors. Download videos

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Custom solution

Timelapseb offers highly customizable solutions designed with the customer based on their needs. Choose the lenses and materials for the

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On-site safety

Timelapselab cares for workers' safety. Learn more about remote monitoring and safety control on site: wearables and a dedicated web

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