Innovate your construction site, choose the time lapse devices by Timelapselab

Innovate your construction site, choose the time lapse devices by Timelapselab

Timelapselab provides a wide range of industrial-grade time lapse devices for  monitoring and documentation of construction sites. Discover the solution that best suits your needs. 

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Why should you choose the time lapse devices by Timelapselab?


The Timelapselab devices are plug&play and can be shipped worldwide. Everywhere you are, you can choose the best for your construction site.

Remote control of timelapse devices

The user can remotely control and configure their timelpase devices at all times.


The Timelapselab devices are designed for extreme conditions and do not need any maintenance of on-site periodic inspections.

Installation of the time lapse devices

The time lapse devices are shipped ready to be installed. The framing is calibrated remotely.

Weather Resistant

We design our devices to resist any temperature or adverse weather condition.

High quality

The Timelapselab devices are produced with the best materials and they offer high resolution interchangeable lenses.

Buffer battery

In the rare case of power failure, you will not lose but one minute of work thanks to the use of buffer batteries.

Solar panel

Timelapselab cares about environmental sustainability and offers the possibility of powering the TL8 device with a solar panel. 

International shipping

The devices are produced by Timelapselab and are shipped worldwide already functioning and ready for monitoring.


Our time lapse devices

dispositivo time lapse per cantiere
The innovative high resolution fixed device with interchangeable lenses according to your needs.
dispositivo time lapse


Device with motorized varifocal lenses to calibrate the framing remotely. 

dispositivo time lapse


The versatile and resistant device, reliable at all temperatures and weather conditions.

dispositivo time lapse

High resolution fixed device for incredibly clear images.

dispositivo time lapse


Device with network cable for greater data safety and speed of execution.

pannello solare


Device with solar panels for self-powering.

Device that can resist explosive atmosphere conditions.
dispositivo tl8


Mobile device for total autonomy in displacement and adjustments.


Mobile and fixed device, easily dismountable and remountable in complete autonomy.

dispositivi time lapse


Device with 180° field of vision for professional panoramic images.


Plug&play devices for easy and quick installation.

Shipping and installation of the time lapse device

The time lapse device is shipped to the construction site location and installed without the need for any specialized workers (plug&play). Furthermore, after the installation, the Timelapselab devices do not need any intervention: it is possible not only to remote control the device settings at all times but also to change technical parameters, such as shooting frequency.

installazione timelapselab

Where can I install the device?

Timelapselab can help you find the best positioning for your device. Send the planimetries of your site and they will find the best possible solution. We will show you the best possible view for your worksite.

Can Timelapselab help me move my devices for another project?

If you need to move a device, you can contact one of our account managers. We will be happy to help you.

Can I move my device remotely?

The TLA8 VF device allows to regulate from 2.8 mm up to 12 mm remotely and thus the possibility of moving the device and change the framing from a distance.


How to install a timelapse device

video time lapse


We can also explain it to you with a simple infographic!


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