Mobile time lapse device

TimelapseLab has developed the TL8 PRO: a timelapse device which is shipped, as the others, directly to the construction site and which can be moved all around it even every day in order to have many viewpoints and to focus properly on some specific works.
The TL8 PRO, being a mobile device, gives not only the opportunity to be moved and adjusted independently, but also to change its optic so that the customer can have another view of his construction site.

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It can be supplied in different ways:
– only with 220V power supply
– power supply and buffer battery
for more safety
– battery with battery charger and 12V cables

Mobile device

Puoi spostare il dispositivo time lapse TL8 PRO
anche quotidianamente, così da avere
più punti di vista e per focalizzarti
al meglio su alcuni tipi di attività e consentire un monitoraggio cantiere efficiente.


Die-cast polymer housing. Internal cable routing or through watertight cable glands supplied,
anti-aging gaskets
(ideal for any type of climate),
low consumption heater.

time lapse

Quality guaranteed

The TL8 PRO time lapse device ensures continuous site monitoring and communication of anomalies within 1 hour;

  1. High quality of devices and system (4k);
  2. Total reliability on the functioning of the system; 24h / 24 alarm system (in case of malfunction);
  3. The absence of memory cards ensures the permanence of the data, always available online.


The TL8 PRO time lapse device has several accessories:

BATTERY: the device can also be powered by a battery that will be supplied by TimelapseLab. The batteries of TL8 have a quick connection socket and are AGM, an innovative technology in which there is a valve that automatically renews the production of energy without having to fill the battery with the addition of acid and which allows cyclic charging without losing its functionality. The batteries are watertight and resistant to high and low temperatures, safe and do not emit any toxic vapor that can compromise the safety and health of those around them.

STAND: Thanks to the stand supplied, the customer will have the possibility to move the device on the construction site with great ease.


Power supply and buffer battery

The device can be powered only by a power supply supplied by TimelapseLab to which it is possible to attach a buffer battery that makes the connection stable in the event of a sudden power failure, so as not to lose any files during work.

Battery / battery charger
and alternative battery

The batteries of TL8 PRO have a quick connection socket and are AGM, an innovative technology in which there is a valve that automatically renews the energy production. The batteries are watertight and resistant to high and low temperatures, safe and do not emit any toxic vapor.


How to install a Timelapselab device

video time lapse


We can explain it to you with a simple infographic!

What is the image quality of Timelapselab devices?

Our industrial grade devices have high quality 8 or 12 megapixel optics that allow you to create and export timelapse videos in 4K.

Do Timelapselab devices withstand adverse weather conditions?

Yup! Our devices have an ultra-resistant aluminum and steel body and have been designed to withstand the most adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow or sand.

How are Timelapselab devices installed?

The device is ready for use as soon as it is unpacked. In this you will find the wall plate with screws and plugs and the counter plate for the pole with threaded screws.


Other Timelapselab devices

dispositivo time lapse


The fixed device TL8 is the main product of the Timelapselab line. Thanks to its versatility, it can be installed on any wall or pole and it only needs to be plugged into the power grid to an industrial socket. Its 360 degrees rotation allows you to frame your construction site from any angle with ease.

dispositivo time lapse


The fixed device TLA8 has an aluminum and steel body that makes it invulnerable to any metereologic condition. Thanks to its interchangeable lenses it is ideal for high resolution images. Choose the right accessories to obtain the best results in any circumstance.

installazione timelapselab


The great advantage of the Timelapselab devices is their installation. Our devices are plug&play and in the box you will be provided with all the necessary equipment for their activation. You will not need any specialized workers or wiring to start shooting. Find more about our installation guide and start using your device immediately.


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