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The problems of the construction management


The construction manager is responsible for directing operations and dictating the schedule of operations.


Thanks to Timelapselab tools, you can monitor construction site activities 24/7 even remotely.

Reporting and disputes

Download photos and videos from the platform to easily draft reports and communicate with contractors and quickly resolve any disputes.

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Immediate monitoring

With Timelapselab devices it becomes very simple for construction management:

  • follow the progress of the work of your business, in real time, 24/7;
  • control multiple construction sites at the same time through our dedicated platform;
  • view the work environment remotely, via smartphone, tablet or computer;
  • download and share photos to share with the professionals involved in the project;
  • draw up reports without physically accessing the work environment.

Reporting and communication

The Timelapselab platform provides high resolution photos and time lapse videos. They can be downloaded and sent in a few clicks: clear and sharp images useful for the construction management for drafting reports or for resolving disputes.

Keep collaborators and customers updated on the progress of the work in an easy and fast way.

Constant control

The construction management can manage the operations and verify the work objectives remotely. Long journeys from one construction site to another are no longer necessary: Timelapselab offers the possibility to view all of your construction sites on a single screen.

Thanks to the alert system, you are notified in the event of bad weather, system malfunction, power failure or in the event of unauthorized access to the site.

Furthermore, thanks to artificial intelligence, it is possible to take advantage of graphs for counting vehicles and people within the area.


The right device for every figure


TLA8 VF is the innovative device created by Timelapse Lab with motorized varifocal optics that allows for completely remote adjustment of the shot.

dispositivo time lapse

What is a time lapse video?

The time lapse technique consists in producing a video composed of photos taken at regular intervals for long-lasting events.

What are the uses of time lapse videos for construction sites?

Thanks to time lapse videos one can monitor the progress of their construction site and create impactful content to promote their project.

What is the image quality of the Timelapselab devices?

Our industrial-grade devices mount high quality 8 or 12 mpx lenses that allow you to create and export time lapse videos in 4K definition.


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