Seamless Time-Lapse High-Resolution Videos

Timelapselab provides a complete platform that automatically generates high resolution time lapse videos and offers the possibility of creating highly customizable videos thanks to the internal editor. No need to use any other external software.

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Automatic time lapse videos

The platform automatically generates and sends out 4K quality time lapse videos, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You will be able to filter images by time slots, days or date ranges, to oversee the progress of work in an easy and quick way based on your needs.

Timelapse Video Editor

The platform’s internal editor allows a high degree of customization for timelapse videos. The platform offers the possibility of selecting the days to include in the video, the date ranges or time slots, guaranteeing a professional result without any downtime. It is also possible to add music, texts, titles, watermarks at the user’s discretion. 


Time lapse Video sharing

The time lapse videos, automatically generated or customized, can be shared on social platforms to support storytelling and marketing activities, or to other professionals involved in the project, to optimize work management and internal communication.



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Can I create videos by combining images from different devices?

With the software's latest update you will be able to produce and download time lapse videos by combining videos from different devices to communicate your construction site from different points of view. You will only have to follow the instructions.

I have more than one device on the platform. Can I choose from which one to create the video?

Yes. During the video customization process, you can select the device you want. automatic videos are generated for all the devices on site.

Can I add images and videos from sources external to Timelapselab?

Yes. The internal editor allows users to insert images and videos from external sources, such as videos shot with drones, and upload them on the platform.

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Other features


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