Integration with the BIM 360 System

Our integration with the AutoDesk BIM system allows you to access the 3D models present in the BIM 360 project and compare them with the images received from the construction site cameras, in order to compare the progress of the work and their accuracy with the theoretical model.

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How does it work?

The user will find a special page where it is possible to log in with the personal BIM 360 account through the Forge API provided by AutoDesk. From here it is possible to choose the model, which will be displayed through the special tool provided by AutoDesk, and the image to be overlapped. The user will then be able to choose  the best alignment between the image and the model for easier comparison. 

It will also be possible to select the various layers of the model from the designated box next to it,  as well as to modify the transparency  to see the model or the image more clearly. Other comparison modes are also available, such as side-by-side mode (where model and image are side by side). The information regarding the alignment of the model will be saved by means of cookies, so as not to have to repeat the procedure at each new access.

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