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Thanks to the web platform you can see in real time all the photos of the construction site, with the possibility of downloading single photos or an entire month’s worth of shots. The platform, easy and intuitive, assures an optimal user experience, for a rapid and efficient work assessment.


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Photos construction site in real time and privacy-compliant

With Timelapselab you can view all the photos of the construction site taken by your device in real time, with the possibility of choosing specific dates and time ranges or see all the shots chronologically.

Neural networks blur sensitive data present in the pictures, such as faces, bodies, vehicles, license plates or external areas, ensuring a safe and privacy-compliant

Display modes

The software has two display modes for the photos of the construction site:

  • Slideshow to see all the shots taken, from the most recent to oldest. 
  • Simultaneous view of different images of a given device with a preview, with the possibility of a full screen view.

Comparison modes

Compare images in a quick and intuitive way, with the possibility of:

  • Overlaying images taken at different times.
  • Zooming and comparing specific areas on the construction site.

Image editor

The images are directly editable on the platform thanks to the integrated tool. No need for external software.

Filter, download and send photos of the construction site

From the platform one can download single photos of the construction site or a zip file containing a week’s or a month’s worth of photos, with the possibility of setting the time interval to download, according to one’s needs. 

On each photo you can apply your company logo and share the shots in real time with colleagues and shareholders (via automatic emails too). The photos can be filtered by day, date, hour, week or month and shared by focusing on specific moments from the construction site.


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Where can I access the platform?

You can access the Timelapselab web app from any laptop, tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection.

Is the privacy software included in the price or does it need to be purchased separately?

No, every timelapselab device is equipped with the privacy protection software, adjusted based on the customer’s needs.

What kind of Privacy and Gdpr documentation do you provide?

We will provide you with all the documentation you will need: system use policy, DPIA, privacy parameters, flowcharts and their attachments.


Other features


Other features


The Timelapselab software allows to detect and blur in real time sensitive data present in the photos taken such as

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