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dispositivo time lapse per cantiere


Via Solferino e S. Martino, 14
46100, Mantova (MN)
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Viale Vittorio Veneto 6
20124, Milano (MI)
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+39 3478247830
+39 03761811478


International shipping

The devices are produced by Timelapselab and are shipped worldwide already functioning and ready for monitoring.

Who we are

Timelapselab, an innovative startup created in April 2019, produces and rents devices to monitor the progress of the work of its business in the long term, with shipping services throughout Italy and abroad. Upon request, 4k time-lapse videos are also created to retrace the evolution of your project.


Thanks to the Timelapselab platform it has never been easier to monitor your construction site. Log in with username and password to view the shots taken by the devices in real time and download single photos or a whole month of shots. The Timelapselab software automatically generates daily, weekly or monthly time lapse videos, to always be updated on the progress of the work.


Timelapselab offers a wide range of industrial quality devices for every need. These are built with high quality materials, with the ability to choose between interchangeable optics and numerous power supply options according to the specificities of each construction site. Choose the solution that suits you best.