Videos with Drone - Construction site aerial footage

Thanks to the production of videos with drone it is possible to obtain impactful shots that enrich the time lapse videos created by the fixed or mobile non-aereal devices. We produce professional videos with drone to make your time lapse video even more unique thanks to the construction site aerial footage.

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Videos with drones for construction sites: the time-lapse from another perspective

The videos with drones for construction sites are an efficient tool to be used to monitor every stage of the project, to communicate the progress of works to everyone involved and for reports. This type of video is also highly appreciated marketing material.

TimelapseLab can add project name, location and date to the images. You can choose to have a border around the images and your company logo .

All construction sites, large or small, can be captured by our drones: apartment under construction, hotels, shopping centres, sports fields, restaurants, residential properties, car dealerships, schools and much more.


Some of our latest videos with drones for construction sites

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Where can I access the platform?

You can access the Timelapselab web app from any laptop, tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection.

Is the privacy software included in the price or does it need to be purchased separately?

No, every timelapselab device is equipped with the privacy protection software, adjusted based on the customer’s needs.

What kind of Privacy and Gdpr documentation do you provide?

We will provide you with all the documentation you will need: system use policy, DPIA, privacy parameters, flowcharts and their attachments.

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