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Simplify construction site management with completely remote monitoring and with the support of artificial intelligence. The software will optimize the monitoring of all site activities: visual data available on the platform, alert system that sends notifications in case of anomalies and much more. 

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Alert system

The platform sends swift notifications in case of anomalies such as power failures on site and access during non-working hours. The alert messages are easily manageable by setting the activation and sending frequency. By setting the site working hours, you will receive an email message in case of detection of intruders. The alert message will be immediately sent by email to always have your construction site under control and prevent any inconvenience. 

The types of alerts are: malfunctioning, access control, weather alert, intrusion of people or vehicles inside the construction site outside of working hours.

Blurring of sensitive data

Neural networks detect sensitive data present in the images and blur them, to guarantee complete privacy compliance. In this way the privacy, thanks to the artificial intelligence, is ensured, in accordance with the GDPR regulations. 


Vehicle and people counting

The software developed by Timelapselab detects and counts people and vehicles present in the images. The data is elaborated and reported into a chart accesible to the client. This tool was designed to analyze traffic on site and optimize services. The chart will provide data on minimum and maximum influx of people and vehicles in different time slots.


AI & activity

Thanks to the data captured by our AI we are able to tell the chief supervisor what the real activity volume is on each working day; data is about activity intensity and weather conditions in order to control the efficiency on the building site. 

Data and graphs

The data is visualized thorough graphs about activity (daily or weekly)  combined with data on weather conditions day by day. This is done so that the chief supervisor can see the correlation between weather conditions and activty. 
Data are created by our AI through counting people, vehicles and their mobility on the site on a daily basis. 

Sefety monitoring

TimelapseLab Ai is also able to detect  workers without personal protective equipment (jackets and helmets) and send an alert to managers. This ensures better safety for all, and helps companies demonstrate compliance with safety regulations as it is possible to include safety data in your periodic reports.

The system is also able to detect acidental falls end report them immediately. Thanks to the rich database of content from construction sites, our Ai is constatly improved, making these detection ever so accurate.   

Finally,  AI can also analyse  workers’ posture to detect  any threats   to the musculoskeletal system as well as dangerous behaviour patterns in order to avoid or mitigate dangerous or unsafe recurring situations (eg. people under crane) 

Meteo and pollution data

Thanks to the accurate location provided by our devices, we are able to collect information on the weather forecast and air pollution present in the area. It is possible to know the weather forecast for the next 12 hour and more generally for the next 7 days. In addition, a lot of data is provided on current weather conditions, such as temperature, humidity, pressure etc.

These data, collected automatically once an hour, is stored and shown through graphs and summary tables, in order to view a weather history on the site area. This also applies to pollution data in the same way: the presence of numerous atmospheric pollutants in the air is detected: carbon monoxide, nitrogen monoxide, ozone etc.

To obtain those data, a numerical weather forecast model (NWM) is used. It uses different data sources:

  • global models
  • weather radar data
  • satellite data
  • meteorological stations

The data is downloaded and saved from these sources, then processed by the algorithm in real time, to improve their quality and accuracy.

Custom detection

For larger projects with specific needs we work together with our clients to co-create personalized detection systems. This ensures automation while  guaranteeing the reliability that comes from technology.   


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