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The problems in the sector


Supervising and directing the construction or renovation of a building can be complicated, especially when you have little time available and a lot of deadlines to respect.


Especially if you have multiple construction sites to monitor, drafting reports and documenting the progress of the project becomes complicated. Find out how Timelapselab can help you with this.


Moving from one site to another becomes a waste of time, which could be better spent on other more productive activities.

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Immediate monitoring

Timelapselab offers a complete solution that allows you to:

  • monitor the progress of work where and when you want, even from a smartphone;
  • see several construction sites at the same time;
  • download and share site images in a few clicks;
  • obtain automatic timelapse videos on a daily, weekly or monthly basis;
  • compare photos of the same construction site at different times, overlapping them.

Easy and reliable

The installation of Timelapselab devices is simple and intuitive. These are delivered ready for installation, which takes place quickly without the need for specialized workers. They have been designed to withstand even the most adverse weather conditions and are equipped with a self-cleaning system of the lens, so that the optics are not affected by the dust and dirt of the construction site, especially in the case of renovations. They also offer incredibly sharp high-resolution images, perfect reports and documentation, even of a promotional nature.


Timelapse is an ideal photographic technique to tell your work and follow the birth or transformation of a building from start to finish. It is a suggestive tool, able to excite, and therefore excellent for marketing purposes, to promote one’s work in a different and innovative way.

Timelapselab offers the possibility to create timelapse videos in 4K, perfect for documenting the realization of your project step by step.


The right device for every figure


TLA8 is Timelapselab’s workhorse. With its IP67 certified aluminum housing it is able to offer excellent performance even in the most difficult construction sites.


Where can I access the platform?

The platform is accessible from a web link thanks to a personal username and password. Accesses can be differentiated according to the professional figures involved.

Is the privacy software included in the price or must it be purchased separately?

No, privacy software is included in every Timelapselab rental plan.

What Privacy and GDPR documentation do you provide?

We will provide you with all the documents you need: information on the use of the system, the DPIA, the parameters for privacy, flowcharts and attachments.


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