Construction site monitoring

Timelapselab designs time lapse devices for construction site monitoring. Monitor the progress of works 24/7. Through the dedicated platform you will have access to images taken in real time wherever you are. The images can be easily downloaded and shared with all the professionals involved in the project, as well as daily, weekly or monthly time lapse videos. All this from any device, monitoring the construction entirely from remote. 

monitoraggio cantieri
monitoraggio cantieri

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Construction site monitoring

Monitor your construction site entirely remotely
and at any time

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Share photos
in real time
with all the figures involved


Safety monitoring

Remote surveillance systems at the state of the art. Clarity, high definition images, live video and optical zoom functions allow you to quickly see if the activity on the construction site complies with industry standards



Write reports to document
all phases of the
remote project

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Competitive bidding

Pictures can be
material welcome for a clear and effective compilation of the tender specifications

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Thanks to the high definition images
of Timelapselab devices, you will have an extra weapon in the event of litigation.


Remote construction site monitoring

With TimelapseLab devices, you can monitor the progress of work on site, conveniently, remotely and 24/7.
The control panel within the web platform shows in real time how the work is progressing, allowing you to immediately monitor and comply with privacy regulations, thanks to real-time blurring. With TimelapseLab you keep control over the timing of the work and the related objectives, facilitate communication between project managers and stakeholders, plan the supply of materials and equipment and much more.

Share phots and videos

Through the web platform you can download single photos or time lapse videos that you can use to carry out communication, marketing and reporting activities.
Easily communicate with the workers involved in the construction site by adding notes on projects, show how you work to current and potential customers with impacts photos and videos. 

Our online video editor offers you the possibility to customize the automatic time lapse videos, adding details and information regarding the site. 

The system also simplifies the reporting activity, generating automatic time-lapse videos and automatically sending a link containing the photos of the previous month of each installed device.

Alerts for any anomalies on site

The construction site monitoring platform sends timely notifications in the event of irregularities on the construction site. Remote surveillance systems are very effective and represent excellent construction site safety solutions. The alerts are easily managed remotely, by setting their activation and the frequency of sending. The alert message will be immediately sent by e-mail to always have your construction site under control and prevent unpleasant inconveniences.

The types of alerts are: malfunction, access control, weather alert, intrusion of people or vehicles inside the construction site outside working hours.

Fully privacy-compliant construction site surveillance

The proprietary software by TimelapseLab, used for the construction site surveillance, detects and blurs in real time the sensitive data present in the shots, such as faces, bodies, plates, vehicles and areas outside the construction site. Through the platform you can select and modify the parameters quickly and easily, adapting them to your needs while monitoring the construction site.
In this way privacy is guaranteed, as regulated by the GDPR regulations and Art. 4 Workers’ Statute.

An innovative tool for the remote monitoring of construction sites

Our software is an innovative tool that allows clear and perfect remote monitoring of construction sites and can be used for every building site, in order to have the most complete view of them 24/7. Our aim is to maximize production, reduce costs, and achieve good results, while having unlimited remote control over the works. 

AI Detections and PPE Alerts

Timelapse Lab is constantly committed to the development of new technologies and implementations to guarantee a customer-tailored service.
For this reason, we have recently developed a system for safety at work which, through AI, provides for the sending of alerts in the event of the absence of PPE in the workplace such as helmets and other protection systems.
Similarly, the software developed by TimelapseLab detects and counts people and vehicles present in the images. The collected data are then processed and reported in a graph accessible to the customer.
We are working on an integration with BIM, a digital information system of a building, composed of the 3D model integrated with the physical, performance and functional data of the building.

Meteo and pollution data

Thanks to the accurate location provided by our devices, we are able to collect information on the weather forecast and air pollution present in the device area. It’s possible to know the weather forecast for the next 12 hour and more generally for the next 7 days. In addition, a lot of data is provided on current weather conditions, such as temperature, cloud cover, humidity, pressure etc.

These data, collected automatically once an hour, are stored and shown through graphs and summary tables, in order to view a weather history on the site area. This also applies to pollution data in the same way: the presence of numerous atmospheric pollutants in the air is detected: carbon monoxide, nitrogen monoxide, ozone etc.

To obtain those data, a numerical weather forecast model (NWM) is used. It uses different data sources:

– global models

– weather radar data

– satellite data

– meteorological stations

The data are downloaded and saved from these sources, then processed by the algorithm in real time, to improve their quality and accuracy.

Constant improvements and new features

We work to guarantee complete and tailor made solutions. Thanks to the images collected by our devices on construction sites, we can make our detection ever more precise. 

We are improving our safety monitoring adding features such as posture analysis, behavioral analysis and man machine interactions.

Are solution can be customized according to specific needs and custom detections our clients may request.  


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Thanks to the Timelapselab platform it has never been easier to monitor your construction site. Log in with username and password to view the shots taken by the devices in real time and download single photos or a whole month of shots. The Timelapselab software automatically generates daily, weekly or monthly time lapse videos, to always be updated on the progress of the work.


Timelapselab offers a wide range of industrial quality devices for every need. These are built with high quality materials, with the ability to choose between interchangeable optics and numerous power supply options according to the specificities of each construction site. Choose the solution that suits you best.

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