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If you are looking for a professional and complete solution, we have what you need. More than 170 customers have used our services with satisfaction. Let’s change the perspective and promote properties and accommodation facilities at their best through high-impact images and videos. We use artificial intelligence software developed in Silicon Valley based on machine learning algorithms based on big data to precisely identify the right target and optimize the conversion of clicks into real bookings/purchases.


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The advantages

More views

Aerial images manage to reach + 400% of views on the main social channels

Precise target

With our innovative marketing campaigns, we accurately identify high-potential clients interested in purchasing the property

More conversions

Our advertising campaigns get on average 80% more results than the competition, converting more contacts in less time

Marketing for Real Estate

The solutions

Get on the new trend

The real estate sector is experiencing an important change: more and more real estate agents are using photos and videos made with drones. In America, over 60% of realtors are already using this technology. Our team, led by director Paolo Sodi and made up of more than 1550 drone pilots throughout Italy, specializes in this type of filming internationally.

How do we manage a project?

Our company specializes in the production of:

  • Drone content to make the most of the property or site.
  • Filming with actors to make the public identify with the housing experience.
  • Rendering to  present the property at its best for sale after  home staging activities.

Our way of working is unique and surprising, we are committed to:

  • Identify potential customers interested in a property through lead generation campaigns. 
  • Facilitate the work of real estate agencies by converting users into actually interested customers.
  • Accompanying customers in the process of purchasing a property with nurturing activities.


Our success is also based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Using AI software developed in Silicon Valley, based on Machine Learning algorithms, we are able to precisely identify potential buyers, showing them the most suitable ad among the 250 options managed simultaneously. This customized method allows advertising campaigns to obtain an average of 80% more results, with an equivalent budget.

Spot production

We create impactful videos and photos with the use of cutting-edge drones and a team of professionals on the ground, led by an internationally renowned director, with the aim of promoting the area. This content is easily adaptable and usable on websites and marketing campaigns to attract visitors, capture their attention and arouse their curiosity.

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