What is a time lapse?

What is a time lapse video? Time lapse is a modern video tecnique to capture in a few instants events that take place during a long period of time (months or years) and that cannot be perceived by the naked eye in their entire evolution.

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The Time Lapse

What is a time lapse?

What is a timelapse? The timelapse video technique consists of making a video for long-lasting events by combining shots taken at regular timeframes.

With the time lapse technique you can follow in just a few seconds the evolution of an event too long to be seen in real time.

On request, Timelapse Lab makes 4K timelapse videos according to the customers’ needs.

In a few moments

Through a timelapse video it is possible to view in a few seconds events that occur in the long period, such as civil constructions, shipbuilding, the setting up of fairs and exhibitions, the gradual interior decoration, the growth of a plant or of an entire cultivation.

Time lapse in construction

Site monitoring becomes a new communication tool : you can share the video on social networks, during openings, fairs or in the company web presentation.

The time lapse is a new way of storytelling. It could be used everywhere, such as within a company or museum, in the building, cultural, tourist and sporting sectors, in fairs and so on.
It is a way of communication that may arouse immediate emotions to the audience.

How to create a time lapse

Follow our guide and find all the right tools to obtain a professional time lapse video in a few simple steps.

The 5 uses of time lapse in construction sites

The time lapse technique is a great way to document and monitor your construction site. Learn more about how to obtain maximum results from this technique with our advice!

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