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Timelapselab gives you all the tools to obtain time lapse for marketing in 4K to tell your business in a completely innovative way thanks to time lapse video. Share quality content both with colleagues and stakeholders during company presentations, fairs and trade shows or on the website  or social channels, or for effective communication , able to excite and arouse curiosity and amazement.

time lapse marketing
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Why choose Timelapselab

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Share time lapse videos
impact on the website and social networks
company media for content
with a high emotional impact


4K videos

Get high quality videos for
advertise in a new and
way lively your projects and values
of your company

video time lapse


Tell your project
from start to finish for
engage your customers and customers show your skills


Internal marketing

Involve colleagues and friends stakeholders in the phases of
work progress. Use the time lapse for marketing

Time lapse marketing

Time lapse marketing videos

Impress customers and stakeholders with professional time lapse videos, downloadable directly from the Timelapselab web platform. Share videos and photos on the company’s social channels, during company presentations for a guaranteed result.

Time lapse marketing

Internal communication

Let colleagues and professionals know the progress of your construction site. Simplify reporting activities and make internal company communication simple and immediate. From the Timelapselab web platform you can download or edit time lapse for marketing quickly and easily.

Visuals for fairs and trade shows

Did you know that visuals are 80% more likely than words to engage your audience? Are you an exhibitor? For fairs and trade shows to make a great first impact rely on  high quality timelapse videos to tell and show your work.

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Thanks to the Timelapselab platform it has never been easier to monitor your construction site. Log in with username and password to view the shots taken by the devices in real time and download single photos or a whole month of shots. The Timelapselab software automatically generates daily, weekly or monthly time lapse videos, to always be updated on the progress of the work.


Timelapselab offers a wide range of industrial quality devices for every need. These are built with high quality materials, with the ability to choose between interchangeable optics and numerous power supply options according to the specificities of each construction site. Choose the solution that suits you best.

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Where can I access the platform?

You can access the Timelapselab web app from any laptop, tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection.

Is the privacy software included in the price or does it need to be purchased separately?

No, every timelapselab device is equipped with the privacy protection software, adjusted based on the customer’s needs.

What kind of Privacy and Gdpr documentation do you provide?

We will provide you with all the documentation you will need: system use policy, DPIA, privacy parameters, flowcharts and their attachments.


Promote your construction site with the timelapse marketing by Timelapselab

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