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The problems in the sector


The plant manager is responsible for the safety of the workers and the proper functioning of the machinery. Find out how Timelapselab can help you with this.

Budget management

Control and manage the budget through Timelapselab tools and write effective reports saving time.

Constant control

Constantly monitor insiders thanks to our remote monitoring platform.

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Immediate monitoring

With Timelapselab devices it becomes very simple:

  • follow the progress of the work of your business, in real time, 24/7;
  • view the work environment remotely, via smartphone, tablet or computer;
  • download and share photos to share with the professionals involved in the project;
  • draw up reports without physically accessing the work environment.

Security is a priority

The images provided by Timelapselab devices are clear and in high definition. With the optical zoom it is possible to quickly see if the activity of workers and machinery complies with the pre-established safety plans.

Our software is also equipped with an alert system that alerts you whenever people or vehicles intruders are detected in the area. The message will be sent promptly via email to always be aware of potential dangers.

The devices are equipped with an obfuscation system thanks to neural networks specially trained on the work areas to ensure the privacy of workers according to the GDPR regulation.

Reporting and budgeting

Through the Timelapselab platform it is possible to manage, even remotely, the entire work and production environment through the download of images and time lapse videos, also useful for understanding the operation and state of wear of machinery and production systems.

The images are ideal for drafting reports and offer an essential visual tool in corporate budget management.


The right device for every figure


TL ATEX is the innovative Timelapselab device designed to withstand explosive atmospheres.


What are the uses of time lapse videos for construction sites?

Thanks to time lapse videos one can monitor the progress of their construction site and create impactful content to promote their project.

What is the image quality of the Timelapselab devices?

Our industrial-grade devices mount high quality lenses that allow you to create and export time lapse videos in 4K definition.

Can Timelapselab devices resist harsh weather conditions?

Yes. Our devices have an ultra resistant aluminum and steel case and they are designed to resist in the harshest weather conditions like strong wind, rain, snow or sand.


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