Vehicle and people counting

The software developed by TimelapseLab detects and counts people and vehicles that are caught in the shots. The collected data are processed and reported in a chart accessible to the client. This software was designed to analyze the traffic on the construction site and to optimize several services.
The chart will provide you with data on the minimum and maximum turnout of people and vehicles over various time frames.

conteggio mezzi e persone

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Vehicle and people counting

Artificial intelligence to detect people and vehicles

The artificial intelligence software from TimelapseLab uses modern algorithms to ensure an accurate count of vehicles and people. The emerging data comes in the form of graphs, for a more efficient evaluation of the information.

Alert system

We have added an important feature to our software: from now on it is possible to set the construction site working hours and receive an alert email whenever intruders (e.g. people or vehicles) are detected in the area.

The alert message will be immediately sent by e-mail so that you can always monitor and control your construction site and foresee unpleasant incidents.

Find here an example of an alert e-mail.

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Respect for privacy

Our AI-based software is able not only to detect their presence, but also to blur automatically people, faces, plates, vehicles and areas.


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