How to create a time lapse video

How do you create a time lapse video? The main characteristics of a time lapse video are the duration and immediacy of the video. To create a time lapse video, apparently a simple task, you will need years of experience in photograpy, editing and marketing, but also specific equipment. Learn from our guide on how to make the perfect time lapse video. 

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How to create a time lapse video

What is the best device for time lapse videos?

Nowadays there are many tools that allow you to create time lapse videos, but if your goal is to have a professional final product, external cameras will not work. The best solution is the use of professional equipment such as the ones offered by Timelapselab; they are devices already predisposed to make time lapse videos that can be fixed or mobile. The portable device gives the opportunity to be moved daily on site to have different points of view.


TimelapseLab devices

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The fixed device TL8 is the main product of the Timelapselab line. Thanks to its versatility, it can be installed on any wall or pole and it only needs to be plugged into the power grid to an industrial socket. Its 360 degrees rotation allows you to frame your construction site from any angle with ease.

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The fixed device TLA8 has an aluminum and steel body that makes it invulnerable to any metereologic condition. Thanks to its interchangeable lenses it is ideal for high resolution images. Choose the right accessories to obtain the best results in any circumstance.

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The great advantage of the Timelapselab devices is their installation. Our devices are plug&play and in the box you will be provided with all the necessary equipment for their activation. You will not need any specialized workers or wiring to start shooting. Find more about our installation guide and start using your device immediately.


Professional device

To make a high quality time lapse videos you will need a professional device.


The software will simplify the union of all the shots, as well as the privacy-compliant support.


If your goal is to create a touristic time lapse video, use a tripod to avoid imperfections.

Long life and spare batteries

You would want to interrupt your shooting right in the middle, right?

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What does a good time lapse device have to guarantee?

The devices need to guarantee: continuous monitoring and alert messages: the communication of anomalies needs to be done quickly; High quality using a 4K system; Totoal reliability of the system; 24/7 alarm system (in case of malfunctions); Total data warranty, always reachable online without any SD card. The device needs to be practical and ready to use (plug&play) with all the characteristics that allow to create extraordinary time lapse videos without any other equipment.


The mobile device can be moved routinely within the construction site or the area you want to examine in order to have different perspectives. The fixed one can be easily installed on any surface and it is highly resistant to all temperatures and weather conditions (from wind and snow, to rain and sandstorms). It has a 360° rotating mechanism and it only needs to be connected to the electricity grid with an industrial socket (220v) for power supply.


Once the device takes hundreds of photos, which could be used for the final video, a software will be needed to put together the photo sequence. 
Afterwards we will deal with the post-production of your time lapse video.


The mobile device needs a stable and resistant tripod: even if it is not essential, it allows to produce a successful time lapse video.

A good tripod should support the whole load without any problem and permit the stability of the device during the entire shooting session.

Our advice is to choose a rather high tripod with a removable head.

Long life batteries

Powering the device continuously and without interruption during the shooting session is essential in order to avoid any kind of problem. Indeed, the device must have long life batteries in the event of a system power failure.

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How to create a time lapse video

The Timelapselab device is safe and reliable since it guarantees a high-quality service able to satisfy all customer needs.

The perfect final workflow does not exist, but here we are going to describe the one that we think is thee most appropriate for a successful time lapse video.

Choose the subject to shoot

At first you have to ask yourself:

  • What do I want to shoot?
  • What do I want to depict and how?

The timelapse technique is used to accelerate time: you have to choose a subject and a framing that could be interesting for the public. The timelapse purpose is to tell a story of a long-lasting event which is hardly visible to the naked eye.

For example, shooting the clouds moving is ideal for your first attempt at a time lapse.

Put the device correctly on the tripod

Are the batteries charged? Well, let’s start.
When you have chosen the subject and the framing, you can adjust the tripod: be sure that the framing is straight and leveled.


Set the photo format on JPEG

The JPG format, compared to the RAW format, allows to save more photos on the same memory card, because it saves more than 60% of its occupied space.

Which timeframe should be set from one shot to the other?

There is no correct answer. According to the subject you want to shoot, you can choose different timeframes. You can set it from 10 to 30 minutes, according to your needs and to the work that will be realized.

Click start and relax

You can shoot a few test photos in order to check the best framing and then you can click start. You can shoot a few test photos in order to check the best framing and then you can click start. Before you start creating the timelapse video, it is better to organize all the photos under the same directory.



Create the video

To create the timelapse video, now you need a post-production program such as Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Pinnacle or Lightroom. When you have chosen the right sequence of the shots, you should import and edit them in a sequence video and choose the photo resolution and the timeframe among the photos that best suits you.

Now the program is able to recognize the shots automatically and to import them as a sequence of frames in a video.

Post production

Before you export the timelapse video, it is possible to choose effects and adjust it to your needs. The post-production program allows you to choose from several options. Finally, the timelapse video will be edited, together with the adjustment of colors, the export in the video format and the wanted resolution.


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