Timelapselab device TL8

Versatile and resistant fixed Timelapselab device

TL8 is the innovative high resolution device designed by Timelapselab

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The Timelapselab device is assembled based on the customer’s needs. Choose among interchangeble lenses and the possibility of installing on pole or surface, depending on your necessities.

To power the device the only thing needed is to be plugged to the power grid with an industrial socket (220V)


SIM card

The device is comprised of SIM card, functioning in all of Europe.


The device is shipped worldwide. The installation is quick and easy and it assures a stable attachment.

360 degree rotation

Complete rotation to have no framing limits.

Resistant to all

The fixed Timelapselab device TL8 is designed and tested to resist exterme temperatures and adverse weather condtitions (wind, snow, rain, sandstorms). The device can be installed on any surface, guaranteeing a solid and reliable result.

Certified Timelapselab device

Devices with CE marking compliant with European directives, which declares, by means of the declaration of conformity (or performance in the case of construction products), that the product complies with the safety requirements provided for by the applicable Community directives or regulations. The Timelapselab 3.0 service provided with TLA8 devices is certified ISDP©10003:2020 (International Scheme Data Protection) by InVeo.

Easy to install

The Timelapselab devices are easy to install and they do not require any specific skills. Once plugged into the power grid and remotely calibrated by our team, you will be immediately ready to monitor your construction site.


How to install a Timelapselab device

video time lapse


We can explain it to you with a simple infographic!

What is the quality of the images taken by Timelapselab devices?

Our industrial-grade devices have high-quality lenses and can create and export 4K time lapse videos.

Can Timelapselab devices resist harsh weather conditions?

Yes. Our devices have an ultra resistant aluminum and steel case and they are designed to resist in the harshest weather conditions like strong wind, rain, snow or sand.

How do you install the Timelapselab devices?

The device is ready to use after being unboxed. In the box you will find a wall plate with screws and dowels and a counter plate for the pole with threaded screws.


Other Timelapselab devices



The fixed device TL8 is the main product of the Timelapselab line. Thanks to its versatility, it can be installed on any wall or pole and it only needs to be plugged into the power grid to an industrial socket. Its 360 degrees rotation allows you to frame your construction site from any angle with ease.

dispositivo time lapse


The fixed device TLA8 has an aluminum and steel body that makes it invulnerable to any metereologic condition. Thanks to its interchangeable lenses it is ideal for high resolution images. Choose the right accessories to obtain the best results in any circumstance.

dispositivo time lapse


The great advantage of the Timelapselab devices is their installation. Our devices are plug&play and in the box you will be provided with all the necessary equipment for their activation. You will not need any specialized workers or wiring to start shooting. Find more about our installation guide and start using your device immediately.

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