Time lapse oil and gas plants

Unique solution for monitoring oil and gas plants without limits in all phases of your business: from the construction of the plant to the control of all activities.


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Oil and gas plants monitoring

Oil and gas plants monitoring from any location with the TimelapseLab solution for remote management.

Internal communication

Communicating efficiently with the figures involved is essential for the work to proceed in compliance with the pre-established conditions.

Coordination and safety

The remote monitoring of onshore plants for oil & gas allows you to optimize the management of activities and evaluate if the works are continuing safely.



Optimize internal communication with the timelapse oil and gas plants

The automatic timelapse oil and gas plants videos generated by the platform are sent to the figures indicated on the platform, to optimize internal communication and reduce timing. Videos can be shown to colleagues and branches, to show how activities are progressing, highlight critical points, present progress and progress of work and use images to prepare company reports. Choose Timelapselab for your oil gas plant.

Oil and gas plants monitoring and proactive management

View the progress of activities in real time through the TimelapseLab platform, compare multiple images through the internal tools and download the images you want (single or monthly), while maintaining remote control and monitoring oil and gas plants.

Access to users and privileges for different company levels allows the use of individual operators / supervisors to manage and carry out privacy issues in each country in compliance with current regulations.

Immediate experience - Refinery monitoring

The devices take pictures in high definition and at adjustable intervals. The shots are immediately available on the private platform, no SD card required. When doing refinery monitoring onshore installations in remote areas, there is the option of using a network cable for efficient data transfer. In the case of multiple devices, each of these will be viewable within the online interface, with the possibility of downloading for a simple and fast monitoring experience.

Time lapse videos will be available on a weekly, monthly or customized basis, and the possibility of creating them individually and with high customization (logo, watermark, texts, etc.) and adding local content (eg videos made with drone).

Prevent risks with our alert system

Attention to safety at work has assumed high importance in a sector such as oil and gas, where the very nature of its activities is delicate and requires specific precautions. The platform sends timely notifications in the event of anomalies, such as a power failure in the system. Alerts are easily managed remotely by setting their activation and the frequency with which they are sent. By setting the working hours on the construction site, you will receive an email alert whenever intruders are detected in terms of people or vehicles in the area. The alert message will be immediately sent by e-mail for having always monitored and under control your construction site and foreseeing unpleasant inconveniences.

The types of alerts are: malfunction, entrance control, weather alert, intrusion of people or vehicles inside the construction site outside working hours.

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Resistance in extreme conditions

TimelapseLab devices have been designed to withstand extreme temperatures and climatic situations. The IP67 certification guarantees total protection against sand, salt and any other small solid body. The self-cleaning interchangeable lenses make on-site monitoring and periodic checks unnecessary.
Our devices, tested and resistant to thermal stress, humidity and salt conditions, will allow you to film the oil and gas plant and view the progress of the activity in real time, comparing multiple images through internal tools.

The ideal devices for monitoring onshore and oil & gas plants.


One web platform for easy and efficient monitoring

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What are the uses of time lapse videos for construction sites?

Thanks to time lapse videos one can monitor the progress of their construction site and create impactful content to promote their project.

What is the image quality of the Timelapselab devices?

Our industrial-grade devices mount high quality lenses that allow you to create and export time lapse videos in 4K definition.

Can Timelapselab devices resist harsh weather conditions?

Yes. Our devices have an ultra resistant aluminum and steel case and they are designed to resist in the harshest weather conditions like strong wind, rain, snow or sand.


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