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Timelapselab offers professional services for time lapse video production for construction sites and monitoring for construction, shipbuilding, oil&gas, industrial plants and marketing agencies. Follow in a few seconds the evolution of your business. We will think of everything for all our time lapse services: project analysis, shipping, installation, control, monitoring and, upon request, professional video production in 4K quality.

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Timelapselab produces industrial grade devices for remote construction site monitoring. With the aid of artificial intelligence, our devices can detect sensitive data present in the photos, guaranteeing privacy compliance. The web platform shows the progress of the construction process and generates time lapse videos for reporting, marketing or internal communication.


Construction site monitoring - Timelapse services

Using time lapse devices can be efficient for many different types of construction sites. Among the timelapse services there is the remote monitoring: it prevents many safety issues, such as access control, and it reduces traveling by monitoring the progress of works from remote.

Timelapselab ships plug&play devices worldwide, ready to be installed by the site personnel. The devices are designed for monitoring activities remotely. Once installed they do not need maintenace even in the long term.


The timelapse tecnique is a new way of telling a story. It can be used in corporate communication, but also for construction, tourism, museums, sport and many more. Videos are great tools to improve your brand identity, as they are a type of communication able to generate an immediate emotional response, to promote a new product or service, attract new clients and retain those already acquired.

This new technology translates to immediate visibility for your company: by sharing videos on websites, social medial platforms or video sharing platforms, they generate interest and increase the probability of spreading content rapidly online. To reach such goals, it is necessary to curate every aspect of the video, from the content to the editing, from the graphics to the soundtrack, from the time to the mode of diffusion. So remember these aspects as part of our timelapse services.

4k time lapse videos for construction sites

Upon request, Timelapselab creates high definition time lapse videos. The images are selected and analysed following the client’s instructions and graphically edited, to avoid tone shifting, color or light to reach the desired goal. In case of images from different devices, the split screen tecnique is used.

In each video it is possible to view the images of each device to have a complete view of the evolution of a scene. If there is a particularly relevant shot, the dimension of the image is increased to full screen for the necessary duration, with a brief description of the events, to then go back to the original image size. It is also possible to add dates, captions, introduction, acknowledgements, opening or closing credits and other elements useful for the project.


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An inspection is carried out in order to determine the correct positioning of the device for the best possible performance.


The device is delivered ready for installation. It is connected to the electricity grid, subsequently calibrating the shot remotely.


Our timelapse devices are plug & play, that is, easy to install by anyone, and can be shipped throughout Italy and abroad.


From the TimelapseLab platform you have constant control over your business, 24 hours a day.

Remote control

From the platform it is possible to change the settings remotely (such as shooting intervals)

Alert system

Receive swift notifications in case of irregularites and system malfunctions.

Privacy software

The software recognizes and blurs faces, bodies, license plates, vehicles and areas to make photos and videos completely privacy-compliant.

Internet connection

The images are saved on a centralized server. Data is always available on our platform. Furthermore, we do not use memory cards.


Our devices do not require any on-site maintenance or periodic checks (e.g. cleaning the lenses), because they are designed for long-term use.

Weather resistant

Our devices are designed to withstand any temperature and atmospheric conditions (e.g. wind, snow, rain, sandstorms).

High quality

The devices are very high resolution and have interchangeable lenses according to specific needs.

4K video

TimelapseLab provides an automatic timelapse video creation service or creates them on request in high definition.

International shipping

The devices are produced by Timelapselab and are shipped worldwide already functioning and ready for monitoring.


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