New Technologies for Enhanced On-Site Safety

The ecosystem for workers’ safety is the answer to the most important challenge of the fourth industrial revolution: using new technologies to improve the on site safety for workers.

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Hands-free remote management

With hands-free remote management you can detect safety issues and access in non-authorized zones. Furthermore, it is possible to develop new specific add-ons to adapt the ecosystem to all specific needs.

On site safety control

The system is based on wearable devices, cutting-edge sensor networks, proprietary algorithms and a dedicated web application. Thanks to this application we can swiftly alert workers or safety managers via Telegram, Whatsapp, email etc.

Possibilities and tax benefits

The on site safety system offers the possibility of verifying and signaling “man down” situations in closed spaces with no standard GPS signal, managing evacuation plans, knowing how many individuals have reach the meeting point as well as the number and position of those missing, controlling transit hands-free and integrating this technology with custom solutions. 

The use of technology for work safety allows some tax benefits based on the compliance with injury prevention and occupational hygiene norms. The implementation of advanced and optimal safety measures such as those suitable for the 4.0 industry is encouraged to guarantee greater security for employees in the workplace. 


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Other features


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