Integrations: your favorite tools on one platform

Our platform allows quick and easy access to all the best project management tools. The images and data made available by Timelapse Lab can easily be connected to the most common management systems such as Procore, AutoDesk BIM and Melawork. Upload, organise, share and connect your entire team on one platform.

Multiple solutions for your specific needs

Our platform can be integrated with your team’s favorite software to automate processes and make information sharing more efficient. Contact us to plan your integration!


Thanks to the integration with Procore it is possible to access the images of the Timelapse devices directly from the Procore dashboard. Log in with your credentials to have all the functions of the two systems available. Track goals with certified real-time photos, organize photos into specific folders, and review construction site data and images on a single platform.

Autodesk BIM 360

Our integration with the AutoDesk BIM system allows you to access the 3D models present in the BIM 360 project and compare them with the images received from the devices on construction sites, in order to be able to compare the progress of the works and their accuracy with the theoretical model . Comparison is possible with various layouts to suit your needs.


With Melawork you manage the construction site from your smartphone or PC, compiling work reports with the integration of the photos taken by our devices and our meteorological data regarding the construction site area. The system makes it easy to create the complete and impactful work journal with one click.


This integration allows you to certify photos and videos with legal value on the platform;

The photos taken by the devices are analyzed by a patented TrueScreen algorithm, which guarantees their authenticity. Subsequently these are provided with a seal which assures the date of acquisition.

The certified material is available for download on the TimelapseLab platform in PDF and XML format.


Thanks to the integration with Outlook, it is possible to quickly send a photo via email from our platform through a logged in  Outlook address.


The integration with Google Drive allows you to upload your photos to your Drive repositories in just a few clicks, organizing the files as you prefer.


Thanks to this integration, it is possible to transfer both your images and the notes saved on each device to your Trello board.


This integration allows you to transfer the photos taken by your devices to the cloud, in order to better organize your files and work plans.

Once you have connected your Dropbox account to the TimelapseLab platform, you can send and store images and videos directly on your Dropbox .

In addition, you can automatically receive videos and automatic zips of your devices on your Dropbox account. 


Thanks to Slack it is possible to communicate quickly through various chats with your colleagues, and through this integration send photos and notes directly from our platform.


Integration with UTwin allows you to adopt the BIM system.

This marks a qualitative leap in infrastructure digitization, combining the accuracy of 3D BIM modeling with digital twins for optimized management from design to maintenance.

This synergy improves collaboration, reduces costs and increases construction lifecycle efficiency, transforming infrastructure management into a more agile and informed process.

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