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Satellite Images

In collaboration with the main satellite photos providers, TimelapseLab offers to its client high-definition satellite images in order to monitor in real-time the construction site, to view maps in details and to plan future actions even from afar.
This service, through satellite pictures, allows you to observe the evolution of the location and the comparison between the most recent photos and the past ones.

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Group 295


Usage of satellite images in the timing sequence to analyze the transformation of the area of interest.

Group 352

High resolution satellite photos

High resolution satellite photos. Split screen option (mosaic) in case of shooting from two or more devices.

Group 357

Global Coverage

Define your area of interest without geographic limits.

time lapse

Updated satellite images

Timelapse Lab provides you with updated satellite images in collaboration with the best providers of satellite images.



See beyond the clouds and smoke; distinction between buildings and agricultural area.

How the satellite images capturing works?

The service compares data of the main satellites in order to provide high-quality updated images, according to the different needs.

It also gives the opportunity to view in sequence the satellite images of the same location in different periods of time such as days, weeks and months in order to have an overview of all the changes that have occurred in that period.

The satellite image offers a unique and unprecedented point of view, creating a sense of wonder.

Satellite photos purpose

The access to the past satellite photos is useful to analyze the evolution of a specific area over time. The analysis of the timeline of the satellite images can be a valid support in the prediction of all the possible future events.


This service could be useful for several activities:

  • Design and construction of infrastructures;
  • Monitoring of surfaces and for the current project activity :
  • Opportunity to control the competitors’ activity;
  • Detection of illegal buildings;
  • Maintenance of cadastral maps;
  • Agricultural controls;
  • Control of sea areas;

Companies that trust us

What are the uses of time lapse videos for construction sites?

Thanks to time lapse videos one can monitor the progress of their construction site and create impactful content to promote their project.

What is the quality of the images taken by Timelapselab devices?

Our industrial-grade devices have high-quality lenses and can create and export 4K time lapse videos.

Can Timelapselab devices resist harsh weather conditions?

Yes. Our devices have an ultra resistant aluminum and steel case and they are designed to resist in the harshest weather conditions like strong wind, rain, snow or sand. Furthermore, the lenses have an auto cleaning system to avoid ruining the images with dust or debris.

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