The Construction Site Monitoring Revolution

Welcome to TimelapseLab, where technology meets innovation to revolutionize construction site monitoring. Since 2019, we have been a leader in providing intelligent solutions for remote construction site management by combining high-quality industrial devices with artificial intelligence-based software.

Our vision is clear: to simplify and improve construction site management. For this, we offer high-definition plug and play devices that are resilient to all kinds of jobsite conditions, combined with a functional management platform for complete remote control.

Our customers are at the center of everything we do. We work with general contractors, construction companies, architectural firms, and many others, providing them with a clear and reliable view of their projects. Our system helps optimize costs and avoid frequent visits to construction sites.

Our state-of-the-art solution is not only a monitoring tool but also a powerful marketing tool, offering visual documentation from start to finish of projects. This helps our clients promote their expertise and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

We believe in the power of innovation and the importance of sustainability. Our technology not only improves the efficiency of construction sites, but also helps reduce environmental impact, in line with sustainability standards and safety regulations.

Join us in this technological revolution. With TimelapseLab, the future of construction site monitoring is here and now.

Our team is the beating heart of innovation. A group of passionate professionals, from founder and CEO Damiano Bauce, an expert in advanced technologies, to our talented software developers and industry specialists. Each team member contributes unique expertise ensuring cutting-edge solutions for every jobsite monitoring need.

“A high-quality image, compliant with all privacy regulations, managed on a platform that is intuitive to use and enhanced by Artificial Intelligence, could become a very important asset, and it did.”    – Damiano Bauce –

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Our offer

Continuous monitoring

Thanks to the dedicated platform, you can monitor the progress of work 24/7.

Remote control

Control and change the settings of your device at all times, remotely.

Reliability of the timelapse for construction sites

The Timelapselab devices for the timelapse for construction sites are designed for extreme conditions and do not need any maintenance of on-site periodic inspections.


The Timelapselab devices are shipped ready to be installed. The framing is calibrated remotely.

Weather Resistant

We design our devices to resist any temperature or adverse weather condition.

Alert for anomalies

You will receive a swift notification in case of irregularities or system malfunctions.

Privacy compliance of the video timelapse for construction sites

The software detects and blurs faces, bodies, license plates, vehicles or areas to make all photos and videos timelapse for construction sites privacy-compliant.

High quality

The Timelapselab devices are produced with the best materials and they offer high resolution interchangeable lenses.

International shipping

The devices are produced by Timelapselab and are shipped worldwide already functioning and ready for monitoring.


The Timelapselab software

See in real time your construction site activity with the Timelapselab platform. Enter the reserved area and download weekly or monthly photos and videos and monitor the progress of work. Thanks to the Timelapselab time lapse devices you will always have your construction site in your pocket!


The Timelapselab software allows to detect and blur in real time sensitive data present in the photos taken such as

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Time lapse videos

Thanks to the Timelapselab platform you can create impactful time lapse videos without the aid of external editors. Download videos

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Custom solution

Timelapseb offers highly customizable solutions designed with the customer based on their needs. Choose the lenses and materials for the

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On-site safety

Timelapselab cares for workers' safety. Learn more about remote monitoring and safety control on site: wearables and a dedicated web

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The Timelapselab software

See in real time your construction site activity with the Timelapselab platform. Enter the reserved area and download weekly or monthly photos and videos and monitor the progress of work. Thanks to the Timelapselab time lapse devices you will always have your construction site in your pocket!

certifications and unique features

Our time lapse devices

Timelapselab offers a wide range of high quality industrial-grade devices. The devices are designed for the long term with extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions. They do not need any on-site mainetance or SD card change. Discover the solution that best suits your needs.

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Our integrations

With TimelapseLab you have your favorite tools on one platform for smoother and faster workflow management. The team will always be up to date with instant access to all photos, videos and reports from the construction site.

Discover our integrations or contact us for specific needs.

Certified and privacy-compliant solutions TLA8

Timelapselab guarantees innovative solutions with the best constructive quality. The Timelapselab 3.0 service provided with TLA8 devices is certified ISDP©10003:2020 (International Scheme Data Protection) by InVeo.

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Artificial intelligence

Our AI Features

  • Detection and counting of people, license plates and vehicles
  •  Detection and counting of excavators, forklifts and aerial platforms
  • Detection and counting of people out of working hours
  •  Detection of PPE (helmets and jackets) , accidental falls and subsequent activation of any real time alert
  • Workers’ posture analysis and detection of harmful postures to the musculoskeletal system
  • Trademarks detection on vehicles
  • Gate report
  • Man-machine interaction
  • Custom detections


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