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Find out more about the privacy software by Timelapselab. Neural networks detect and blur sensitive data present in the photos in real time, guaranteeing a privacy-complaint result, as stated by GDPR regulations and article 4 of the Workers’ Statue.

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Timelapselab produces industrial grade devices for remote construction site monitoring. With the aid of artificial intelligence, our devices can detect sensitive data present in the photos, guaranteeing privacy compliance. The web platform shows the progress of the construction process and generates time lapse videos for reporting, marketing or internal communication.



To guarantee the detection of people at any distance tiling was implemented: this technique divides the image into an input of N subimages of equal dimensions. These images are then used for detection

Blurring of bodies and faces - privacy

On the basis of the detection carried out by the neural networks, rectangular or oval blurring is implemented: this ensures privacy. The oval shape is the most used for people blurring as in the final image the blurring will perfectly follow the person’s features, in order to appear more aesthetically pleasing.

Blurring of areas

By setting the parameters that compose the perimeter of the area, the platform will be able to blur the entire zone. The defined area will thus be blurred in all the images taken by the selected device. This feature is essential for privacy as it allows the blurring of areas which are external to the construction site, such as residential areas.

Customizable parameters

The software allows to model the blurring for every device based on specific needs, on the distance of the device from the site or on the application field. Determine the shape of the blurring (oval or rectangular), the points that compose the perimeter of the areas to blur, the width of the blurring, the number of tiles and the categories of objects to blur (people, faces, vehicles or license plates). 

Compliant and certified solution with TLA8

Timelapselab ensures innovative solutions and the highest build quality. The Timelapselab 3.0 service provided with TLA8 devices is certified ISDP©10003:2020 (International Data Protection Scheme) by InVeo.

 The certification provided to VLAB concerns its role as “data processor” and does not include the “privacy models”, which constitute an additional service that VLAB offers its customers to support them in the fulfillment of their obligations as “data controllers” .

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Alert system for privacy

Set working days and hours on site. You will receive an alert message by email every time intruding people or vehicles are detected. The message will allow you to monitor the workplace at all times.

dati sensibili

Where can I access the platform?

You can access the Timelapselab web app from any laptop, tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection.

Is the privacy software included in the price or does it need to be purchased separately?

No, every timelapselab device is equipped with the privacy protection software, adjusted based on the customer’s needs.

What kind of Privacy and Gdpr documentation do you provide?

We will provide you with all the documentation you will need: system use policy, DPIA, privacy parameters, flowcharts and their attachments.

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Other features


Other features


The Timelapselab software allows to detect and blur in real time sensitive data present in the photos taken such as

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