Time lapse device with solar panel

The innovative high resolution time lapse device created by Timelapse Lab, equipped with a solar panel for self-powering.

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SIM card

The device also includes the SIM card, which works throughout Europe.

Solar panel

Device equipped with a solar panel to self-feed.

360 ° rotation

No framing limits.

Fixed time lapse device

The equipment is fixed and can be installed on a pole or on a wall and does not require connection to the electrical network. Like all Timelapse Lab devices, TL8 SOLAR is also equipped with interchangeable optics and is shipped to all construction sites in Italy and abroad.

The time lapse device is assembled according to your needs. You can choose between several interchangeable lenses.
The device is then sent to the place of installation, which can take place either on a pole or on a wall.


The aluminum and steel equipment is designed to work in the most adverse weather conditions. In addition, the device is equipped with a buffer battery.


The device is CE marked, compliant with European directives. It declares, by means of the declaration of conformity (or of performance in the case of construction products), that the product complies with the safety requirements provided for by the applicable Community directives or regulations.


How to install a
TimelapseLab device

video time lapse


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