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THE FUTURE IS A STARTUP | TimelapseLab wins the selections of the 2031 competition

The first final of the twelfth edition of 2031, the innovation awards award, was held yesterday, Wednesday 12 October, at the Mind – Milan Innovaton District spaces.

The 26 incubators, accelerators, science parks partners of 2031 have selected the winning startups of the courses offered, for a total value of almost one million euros. The 26 projects will now compete for the € 50,000 grant offered by Margherita Marzotto.
A fundamental opportunity to transform an idea into a business, and an opportunity for development, meeting and funding.

For the 2022 edition, TimelapseLab has been selected from the Industrio.co path (a boutique accelerator that supports and invests in promising pre-seed and seed product companies, in the phases ranging from the creation of the company and the product to its marketing. , in the sectors of Industry 4.0 and mechatronics) which will guide us through a training path towards the final award ceremony to be held in December.

2031 is a platform for innovation awards, one of the most important in Italy for the companies involved and the tools to support the growth it offers. The platform is the evolution of the Gaetano Marzotto award active from 2010 to 2020. Today, even if with a different name, it pursues the same goal: to encourage, cultivate and support innovation in our country. This is done with many tools such as mentorship, investments, accelerations, cash rewards and a vast network of relationships. Innovation is understood not only on a technological level, but permeates multiple areas, from sustainability to culture to grow the entrepreneurial heritage of our country and together with it our possibilities to better face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The 2031 platform, and before that the Gaetano Marzotto Award, involved more than 7000 startups, favoring their growth and development thanks to collaborators such as the main Unicredit Start Lab, Italian.tech, Business International, Repower, Cisco, Lendlease. The initiative also has the patronage of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies.

“The future is a startup”, says the slogan 2031, and we, certainly proud of having won, are ready to roll up our sleeves to continue making our contribution to the future and innovation. We offer our devices and our platform with the aim of making the world of construction smarter and more efficient, eliminating unnecessary travel, promoting communication and safety at work.



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