Erbil build expo 2023

ERBIL BUILD EXPO 2023 | Timelapselab in Iraq with ICE

On the dates from 23 to 25 May 2023 TimelapseLab will be among the companies exhibiting at Erbil Build Expo 2023.

This is our second time at the event, a meeting dedicated to the construction sector, which thanks to the support of the organizing companies represents an important bridge between West and East.

The construction industry in Iraq is set to grow significantly in the coming years, driving the development of the country. Projects of various types are planned, such as  transport infrastructure, electricity, education, housing and gas&oil transport infrastructure.

According to the Iraqi Ministry of Planning, the country needs about 100 billion dollars for the expected development and implementation of major projects.

In this context, the most innovative construction technologies and solutions capable of improving efficiency and quality will find a very thriving market.

The participation of the Italian collective was organized by ICE Agency as a support to the internationalization of small and medium-sized Italian enterprises.

ERBIL BUILD EXPO 2023 will be a great opportunity for us to build partnerships in the dynamic Iraqi construction market, monitoring systems will help not only in managing large construction sites but also in promoting such projects.



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