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BOSCONAVIGLI by Stefano Boeri Architects and Arassociati | TimelapseLab

TimelapseLab starts monitoring for 36 months with 2 devices  the construction site of the new BOSCONAVIGLI residential project in Milan.

The ” Bosco Navigli ” project involves the construction of a new building, for residential and commercial use, in Via San Cristoforo in Milan, a few steps from Naviglio and the IULM university. The project takes its cue from the architectural canons of traditional Milanese courtyard houses, developing along a closed spiral with increasing height, around a central green courtyard.

The project also aims towards a sustainable world by creating a building entirely surrounded by vegetation (shrubs and vegetation are a natural contrast to air and noise pollution) making Bosconavigli a spearhead of Milanese life. The project will also focus on optimizing the times of natural light through an architectural rendering that can bring the best results in this sense.

Born from an idea by Stefano Boeri, the project is signed by Stefano Boeri Architetti and Arassociati, with AG&P for the design of the greenery of the outdoor spaces.

TimelapseLab supports the project by helping with its Leed certified devices by  monitoring and providing photos and videos at the end of the work.



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