centrale elettrica corigliano rossano enel

ENEL, Decommissioning and conversion of the Corigliano Rossano power plant

TimelapseLab will follow the decommissioning phases of the Enel plant at the Corigliano Rossano (CS) site. TimelapseLab will follow the entire construction site via four devices equipped with people obfuscation software, for a total of 12 months.

There are 21 sites of electricity production plants, owned by Enel, located throughout Italy. The former Enel power plant in Corigliano Rossano is part of the brownfield sites that need to be converted. After the failure of the Futur-e project, it is planned to include the Ionian site within the resources made available by the European Union. The goal is to produce induced activities and employment through the production of renewable energy.

The demobilization of the 4 fuel oil plants has been underway for months through a private company. Enel intends to keep alive the 4 gas turbines fueled by methane gas to be used only in cases of national emergency. The construction of a hydrogen cell system for energy storage, useful for optimizing the network, and a photovoltaic system is hypothesized.

The Rossano site covers over 690,700 m² (of which 388,000 m² occupied by the plant), with a gross plant power of 1,738 MW.



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