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TIMELAPSELAB has followed the construction of the Deco ship, the green solution for port dredging and coastal erosion at the Trieste Shipyard – Arsenale with two TL8 devices with different optics.

Fincantieri Deco technology takes its name from Decomar, a company based in Massa, Italy, which for some years now has been developing this dredging method based on Limphid2 technology, which is able to suck mud and sand from the seabed without creating diffusion and filtering the materials so that they come out already purified. Until now, however, ports have used the traditional method of dredging the seabed using bucket dredgers or suction dredgers.

On its website, Decomar explains that “the technological innovation with LIMPIDH20 recirculation is today the most effective solution capable of achieving extraordinary levels of environmental protection in the execution of marine, river and lake reclamation work. This innovative technology, designed and built entirely by our company, is currently the most effective eco-dragging system capable of operating in line with the European Community’s ‘Ecoinnovation Action Plan 2020’, which aims to make the economy and technological progress more sustainable.


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