certificazione LEED

TimelapseLab supports LEED® certification

The professional devices produced by TimelapseLab integrate a software based on artificial intelligence for completely remote management of construction sites and provide the necessary support to efficiently certify compliance with the requirements necessary to obtain the LEED® certification.

Designed and creates in compliance with environmental sustainability policies and aimed at the continuous improvement of environmental performance, TimelapseLab solutions are qualified and certified to help reduce the ecological footprint, as well as support green building practices.
Sustainability compliance is no news for TimelapseLAB devices, that have already been praised in the past by GREENiTOP®, a community of the TOP Italian companies with green products.

Based on consensus and applied internationally, LEED® is a building certification system that aims to promote and develop a global approach to sustainability, by observing the standards developed by the USGBC. The latter indicate the necessary requirements for the design, construction and management of environmentally sustainable buildings, both from the energy point of view and from the point of view of the consumption of all the environmental resources involved in the construction process.
The LEED® certification constitutes an independent third-party verification of the performance of an entire building (or part of it) and / or of urban areas, is internationally recognized and affirms that a building is respectful of the environment and that it constitutes a healthy place to live and work in. Working on the entire process, from design to actual construction, LEED® requires a holistic approach, under penalty of failure to achieve the intended objectives. The LEED® rating system is structured in a set of manual protocols, organized in the following areas:

  • Location and Transport (LT),
  • Sustainability of the site (SS),
  • Water resource efficiency (WE),
  • Energy and atmosphere (EA),
  • Materials and resources (MR),
  • Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ),
  • Innovation (I),
  • Regional priority (PR).

The LEED® rating system certifies the building, rather than the individual products or components of the building, however, the latter can help to meet the requirements of the protocol and consequently to obtain the related scores for the building.

The TimelapseLab system, through a single device and a single platform, supports the activity of several actors linked to the certification process of the building: the client, the commissioning authority and commissioning agent, the client’s AP LEED, the general contractor and the general contractor’s AP.

Thanks to the continuous monitoring service, it is possible to monitor the construction activities to help with the planning process, follow the construction activities, verify that the objectives set for the building and the schedule are respected.
TimelapseLab devices represent a tool that makes inspection visits by professionals and operators who need to constantly monitor the construction site more efficient. This way they reduce visits on site and concentrate them on specific issues.

Thanks to the TimelapseLab system, more professionals will be able to constantly monitor the work progress and verify that the requirements, standards, and LEED credits needed to obtain the certification are respected. Furthermore, having photo evidence is useful for documenting the credits that require it.



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