Digitalizzazione industria edile

TimelapseLab and the digital transformation on Italian newspaper

Il Sole 24 ore, an important Italian newspaper dedicates  an article to TimelapseLab  in the collaborative industry section on 6 April 2023.
The column is about digital transformation professionals dedicated to improving the efficiency and quality of products and processes for companies in all sectors.
At TimelapseLab, we design and manufacture high-quality devices that photograph the construction site at pre-set time intervals. The devices are equipped with in-house developed obfuscation software which ensures that tracking is privacy compliant, in fact we have achieved ISDP©10003:2020 certification. The devices are also paired with a platform with AI-powered features, enabling digitization.All devices are plug and play, easy to install and resist any type of weather or adverse conditions and do not require assistance.

The activities that we digitize range from security checks (AI detection of mission PPE, detection of equipment on site), to work progress control. We also want to improve workflows. With our system, all team members can communicate, having a a detailed picture from the site immediately available with a click. Our platform integrates the most used software by companies around the world to help this process. The platform can also take care of image certification, automatic marketing videos and periodic reports. A complete solution that improves the work of many business areas.

Communicating the possibilities that technology offers is essential for modernizing the construction sector, and we are therefore very grateful to the Il Sole 24 Ore masthead for the possibility of coming into contact with a vast public.



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