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Easy photo certification with blockchain technology | Timelapselab

There are many circumstances when it’s important  to certify an event. What is the simplest and most effective way to do this, without witnesses or lengthy bureaucratic procedures?

Thanks to the TimelapseLab system it is possible to obtain the notarisation of the images from the construction site, this will guarantee guarantee that what is recorded is truthful and immutable. The biggest advantage is done without intermediaries, but relying our platform.

This process is possible thanks to blockchain technologies, such as those of scalingparrots   which offer the  notarization service hat we have integrated into our system. The blockchain is a new generation technology, which is based on blocks of information in sequence and linked together. Thanks to this chain, which is impossible to modify because it is the information itself and the codes contained that define it, digital certification is possible.

Through this process the image, with the respective data, is given its own fingerprint: unique and unambiguous. This gives a high legal value to the photos, as the modification of the data related to it is highly unlikely.

In particular, for our customers it is timestamping that has a high value. In fact,  it contains information such as the exact time and date in which the photo was taken. Such data  can be used for the resolution of disputes, certifications, compliance tests, controls and more.

On construction sites, the collection and management of legal material is simple and is managed entirely by our system, without the need for further intermediaries. What are the various steps? The timelapselab devices monitor and collect photo material compliant with privacy regulations, the integrated blockchain technologies allow you to immediately have a timestamp that confirms the truthfulness of the information contained in the file, finally, the platform makes the legalized photos easily available at any time with the respective information.




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