Explora I: the era of the Ocean State of Mind begins

Explora I, is the new jewel delivered by Fincantieri to MSC, consolidating and leading the trend toward differentiation in the cruise offering. Explora I is the first ship of Explora Journeys (cruise division of theMsc Group), was inaugurated last July 20 at the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone with a ceremony hosted by the famous Lorella Cuccarini: it is a new beginning for theMsc Group, a historic day that marks the debut in an unexplored market segment.

As Pierfrancesco Vago declares, the proposal of Explora I is a simple, refined and impeccable luxury that can represent “Made in Italy” at sea around the world: the ship adopts the best environmental technologies and aims to set new records.

The investment for the new ship exceeded 500 million euros and will be able to generate an impact on the Italian economy of more than 10 billion euros, making a significant contribution to the country’s development prospects: a great sign of confidence in Italy.

Explora I is the first of six luxury ships to be built by Fincantieri, in an investment plan worth 2.3 billion euros, and TimelapseLab devices were chosen to monitor the work on this Made in Italy jewel in the luxury cruise sector. Specifically, we used for monitoring two TLA8 varifocal devivces.

On August 1, she set sail on her maiden voyage from Copenhagen, Denmark, commander is Serena Melani, the first Italian woman to lead a cruise ship. She will spend several weeks in Northern Europe, then cross the Atlantic Ocean to spend the winter in North America and the Caribbean Sea, before returning for some Mediterranean cruises next summer.

The ship, like all those that will be created for Explora Journeys, is able to combine environmental friendliness and innovation in the best possible way; it is equipped with all the necessary tools to optimize the use of engines and further reduce emissions, such as underwater noise management systems and selective catalytic reduction technology.

Explora I is designed for customers who enjoy high-end vacations and to now have never thought of cruises as an alternative, and with this cutting-edge product they can find the comfort and philosophy of the “Ocean State of Mind”: a way to connect to the values of the ocean and the sea.

We are proud to have been able to follow this shipyard that will mark a new beginning for MSC and the cruise industry.TimelapseLab continues its collaboration with MSC and Fincantieri by providing the devices and platform for monitoring.



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