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ENGIE: new storage in the owned wind farm in Sicily

TimelapseLab and ENGIE together once again:

An innovative wind farm will soon be visible in the Sicilian hills, joining the one built in 2008, the largest in Italy with its 36 blades. The cutting edge project is inspired by of “ultra-fast flexibility” with electrochemical batteries, and arises from the need to meet the increasingly pressing flexibility needs of the energy market.
The project was born as a result of the developments envisaged by the National Energy and Climate Plan; the goal is therefore to encourage the growth of renewable energy and the planned decommissioning of coal plants.

ENGIE Italia has won the tender with 3 owned sites, one in the south, one in the centre and one in the north of Italy. TimeLapseLab will follow the progress at the Salemi construction site for 18 months with two TLA8 devices.

There will be built storage facilities of 12.5MW, with 11 blades of 135 meters in diameter in the largest ENGIE wind farm in Italy and TimelapseLab will take care of the monitoring.



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