AI SUMMIT: TimelapseLab on how AI can bring innovation in the construction world

TimelapseLab will attend the Ai summit in London. 

The AI Summit will be held on the 14th and 15th of June. The aim of the event is to bring together names and brands redefining AI. 

Experts from the field will share insights on how Artificial Intelligence can be applied in our daily lives and its concrete benefits. 

TimelapseLab, which will also be presenting on the Ai stage, will discuss applications of ai in the construction field. Ai is becoming a fundamental tool throughout all lifecycle of a building from design, procurements and production, to operations and management. 

Scheduling, budgeting, resource planning, work optimization, monitoring, and safety are just a few of the things Ai can bring to the project and with drivers such as improved productivity, efficiency, and sustainability, these products are flourishing. 

Surely the most fascinating thing is that we are just at the surface level of what these innovations can do. 

With Uk being one of the main contributors of AI in the field, the AI summit London will be an amazing place for connection, insights and ideas.



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