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Vitali | Milan Malpensa Airport – Monitoring and time lapse video for the restoration of a runway

Vitali renews its trust in Timelapse Lab, commissioned to record the redevelopment of a runway at Milan Malpensa airport using the new TLA8 VF device, with varifocal technology capable of modifying the width of the optic view remotely.

Thanks to the great know-how -able to employ technologically advanced vehicles as well as a top-level organization that guarantees to the airport managers very short closing times-, the Vitali group is more and more leader in the construction and restoration of airport runways. The group was awarded a three-year contract for the ordinary maintenance of the airports of Malpensa and Linate in Milan.

The restoration and modernization works of runway 17L / 35R and taxiways D and E of Malpensa airport will last 35 days of work 24/7, and over 100 employees will be involved for a total amount of €11 millions. These extraordinary maintenance work pays specific attention to economic circularity, environmental sustainability and reuse of processing materials.

Aim of this work is the reconstruction of the flight infrastructure, including the taxiways.The work consists of the structural and functional upgrading of the superstructure with deeper interventions on the entire runway -in particular in the central part affected by the greatest number of aircraft trolley transits-, and in the reconstruction of the entire surface of the runway and taxiways paving, for a total surface of 170,000 sqm.



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