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TechnipFMC | Snam – Upgrade of the Stogit gas storage plant on the Treste river (Chieti)

Snam, an energy infrastructure company -with headquart in San Donato Milanese- active in the transport, storage and regasification of methane, is working on a plan to update and upgrade the Italian gas pipeline networks. A 5 billion euro plan that started in 2017.

The focus of Snam’s new plan therefore remains Italy. In here the gas pipeline spa aims to complete investments for the reverse flow (the bidirectionality of gas flows); to complete the 55-kilometer pipeline that will connect the TAP, -Trans-Adriatic gas pipeline that will transport gas from the Sea Caspian through Greece and  Albania, to reach south Italy, passing under the Adriatic-, from its outlet point, on the coasts of Puglia, to the existing network; and to further develop the site of Fiume Treste, enhancing an existing storage through the use of a new section of an already exploited old deposit, using 270 million -of the 5 billion allocated-  for this section alone.

Timelapse Lab will follow the works on the “Treste” storage plant in Montalfano (Chieti) owned by Stogit (of the same Snam group) for a duration of 6 months on behalf of TechipFMC, using a TL8 device.



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