saipem impianto cornegliano laudense

Closure of SAIPEM construction site | IGS gas storage plant in Cornegliano Laudense

TIMELAPSELAB, in collaboration with SAIPEM and IGS, gave life to a 12-month project in Cornegliano Laudense (province of Lodi) for the creation of a new gas storage site. The construction site involved the use of no less than 6 TL8 devices and also the use of drones to take panoramic shots. TIMELAPSE LAB provided a remote site monitoring service available to all SAIPEM and IGS operators to control and secure the site during the entire work; created automatic timelapse videos month by months, week by week using a new software developed in-house by TIMELAPSE LAB. Once the site is finished, our firm will also offer a final timelapse videos with professional enditing.

Ital Gas Storage, an independent operator in the natural gas storage sector in Italy, announces the closing of the financing agreement with a pool of international banks. The financing exceeds one billion euros, 1,056.4 million to be precise. Ital Gas Storage’s project involves the conversion of a depleted natural gas field into a gas storage facility. It is one of the most important energy infrastructures in the country and the first to be built largely with international capital by an independent operator, explains a company note.

The construction of the Cornegliano Laudense storage plant, has been entrusted to Saipem and Schlumberger, leading groups in the sector, who will use technologies consolidated over the years, in compliance with all the stringent safety regulations applicable. The plant has great similarities with other gas storage sites that have been operating for many years in the Po Valley. (source IlSole24ore)



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