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Prelios | Construction of the new public park of Porta Vittoria Milan



TIMELAPSE LAB at work again with Prelios in agreement with the municipality of Milan to resume work for the construction of the new public park in Porta Vittoria. The works will last 7 months and a timelapse device will be used.


After the certification by the Metropolitan City of the completion of the reclamation works of the area and the release by the Municipality of Milan of the building permits for the construction of the intervention to Prelios SGR S.p.A., the operational phase is therefore fully operational. by spring 2021 it will lead to the creation of a new green area in the heart of the city.


The new park is part of the Integrated Intervention Program for the redevelopment of the areas of the former Porta Vittoria railway yard and in September it will see the continuation of the completion of the reclamation and the demolition of the technical structures present, to then proceed , from the second half of October, to the altimetric modeling of land, to the realization of the underground plant works and subsequently to the laying of the cultivated land, necessary for the planting of shrubs, trees and lawn, in addition to the construction of walkways, play areas and for relaxation.


The intervention will provide the city with a new green area that will extend for about 40,000 square meters in continuity with the gardens of Largo Marinai d’Italia (Vittorio Formentano Park). The work is part of the urbanization interventions envisaged by the PII, which also provides for the construction of buildings for residential and office use, as well as accommodation and commercial facilities (neighborhood and medium-sized businesses) for a total size of 44,000 square meters of SLP. In addition to these works, the PII provides for the construction of a sports center in the area beyond Viale Molise, which is being designed together with the territory.



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