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ISDP 10003: 2020, Accredia | The products and services of TimelapseLab certified ISDP10003: 2020 GDPR-Compliant

TimelapseLab obtains the important ISDP 10003: 2020 certification, which certifies the competence and commitment of the company in promoting a culture oriented to the protection of personal data and full compliance with European dictates and rules on the processing of sensitive data, as a result commitment by the whole team.

ISDP 10003 certification is a Data Protection (GDPR) certification scheme that arises from the need to assess compliance with the GDPR 2016/679, accredited by Accredia, the Single Body for accreditation. Joining the certification scheme is voluntary, the indications can be applied to all types of organizations that want to demonstrate their accountability and commitment to respecting and protecting sensitive data. ISDP 10003 certification represents a means to optimize the internal management system and the privacy system, as well as a way to prove the implementation of technical and organizational measures aimed at complying with the regulations on Data Protection. During 2020, the scheme was revised with the aim of extending the legislation to a broader compliance framework provided for the protection of fundamental rights and based on the principle of accountability for processing operations carried out in Europe and beyond the borders. of European Union.

By obtaining the ISDP 10003: 2020 certification, TimelapseLab obtains the recognition of privacy-compliant products and services based on the protection of sensitive data, for the Timelapselab 3.0 service provided with TLA8 devices. The neural networks used are able to obfuscate in real time the sensitive data present in the shots and the user who monitors his work site through the TimelapseLab platform therefore obtains images and videos in time-lapse in which sensitive data such as faces, bodies, license plates and vehicles are immediately obfuscated by the software. In this way the protection of privacy is guaranteed.



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