fincantieri marghera

FINCANTIERI – Time lapse video Port of Marghera

Fincantieri is the promoter of the project that provides for the creation of a new dock on the norther industrial canal. The aim is the efficiency and the enlargement of the Marghera shipyard.

TIMELAPSELAB, through 3 TL8 devices and for the duration of approximately 8 months, was in charge of shooting the enlargement or the port of Marghera and the construction of the GOLIATH crane that measures 160 mt in width and 70 mt in height.

Fincantieri has ongoing investments for approximately 35 million euros. This investment plan includes, among other things, the construction of a workshop for the prefabrication of cabins, the completion of the staging docks and the enlargement of the hull prefabrication areas. This can be achieved even through the acquisition of new areas in order to facilitate the logistics of third-party companies (in particular those who operate in the “payload” sector, in other words the hotel part of passenger ships). In expanding the area, Fincantieri will be able to develop in a more efficient and rational way its production that, to date, involves ships of ever-increasing size. The company is, in fact, equipping for ships of up to 130,000 tonnes.




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