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ENI Petrolchemical Hub in Gela: Monitoring and Timelapse of the dismantling of disused areas and reconversion

TIMELAPSE LAB will monitor for Eni Rewind (former Syndial) in Gela (CL) the dismantling and reconversion works on the disused areas of the multi-company site in Gela. Two TL8 remote monitoring devices will be used. The works include decarbonisation, environmental mitigation, redevelopment and valorisation activities since the site no longer uses mineral oil production and processing plants.

The work will begin following an agreement between Eni’s CEO, Claudio Descalzi, and the Minister for the Environment and the Protection of Land and Sea, Sergio Costa. The project foresees: the dismantling over ten years of all the disused areas of the industrial site and their restitution to new functions. The initial phase, over the next three years, will be the demolition of the plants no longer functional for biofuel production activities, in a total area of more than twenty hectares. The removal of scrap and artefacts present on the seabed along the wharf, for a strip of 500 metres on each side, is confirmed. (source accentonews)


The SIN site of Gela extends over 795 hectares (of which about 19 hectares in Gela owned by Eni Rewind and about 55 hectares owned by ISAD). It is here that Eni’s environmental company has laid the foundations of its circular planning, building in 2013 a 5mwp photovoltaic plant for the production of renewable energy on the permanent safety of the ISAD phosphogypsum landfill. Until 31 December 2019, Eni Rewind has spent about 179 million/€, of which about 70 million/€ for interventions on areas owned by ISAD, and foresees a further economic commitment in reclamation and demolition of about 90 million/€, in addition to about 3 million/€ per year for the management of the plants necessary for water treatment. Eni has been present in Gela since the early 1950s. This long-lasting presence has allowed the company to take root in the Gela area with activities ranging from hydrocarbon production to refining and environmental remediation.


Eni Rewind S.p.A (formerly Syndial S.p.A) is an Eni Group company that operates in the field of environmental remediation of decommissioned petrochemical and mining sites contaminated by previous production activities. It manages the supply chain of waste from Eni’s industrial and remediation activities and provides production activities related to the chlorine cycle and wastewater treatment. It is present in over 80 sites and operates in more than 200 construction sites in Italy. Appointed CEO of Syndial on 16 April2019, Paolo Grossi is now CEO of Eni Rewind.



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