timelapse building: construction site under construction with crane

Timelapse building: 4 examples in real estate

The application of timelapse in the building sector finds many uses and many advantages.

First, it enables accurate and detailed documentation of the entire construction process, from ground preparation to final completion, as a valuable visual resource for developers, investors and buyers, which can thus observe and evaluate progress over time.

Timelapse can also be useful to help identify any problems or delays in the construction program, allowing operators to take timely steps to resolve them. The dynamic and accelerated visualization of the construction process increases the interest and enthusiasm around the project, helping to promote the brand image and attract potential buyers or investors.

Ultimately, the timelapse can be used as a powerful marketing tool, allowing developers to create engaging and engaging content to share on online and social media channels: not only increases the visibility of the project, but it also helps to differentiate it from the competition and to create a positive and distinctive image in the real estate market.

Here are some examples.

Shipyard new headquarters Markas

In this video we can see how it was possible to summarize the 27 months of work for the construction of a building 42 meters high in just 3 minutes. Specifically, this timelapse took advantage of several cameras, implemented within the context of our industrial device of intelligent image capture and processing.

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Viola Park

In this timelapse we can see how timelapse can also be used to document the construction of extended structures, such as parks and sports centers. In this case, the new Viola Park, sports center of the ACF Fiorentina. The documentation, based on different points of recovery, not only shows the progress of the construction site but allows to illustrate in detail the degree of innovation and attention to sustainability by manufacturers.

Teodorico bridge in Ravenna

For this project, carried out in collaboration with Fadep, we have documented the construction of the Teodorico Bridge in Ravenna, destined to become one of the most important junctions in the context of the city’s road network. In this case the timelapse was used in synergy with drone video shooting in 4K, creating a visual content of great effect.

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Aging warehouse for Ambrosi Spa

For Ambrosi Spa we have documented the creation of a new cheese seasoning warehouse: an area of 5000 square meters able to accommodate up to 122,000 cheese shapes arranged on 136 stairs, for a total of 61 km of shelves and 4,500 tons of products. The drone shots allowed us to focus also on the photovoltaic system on the roof, as evidence of the company’s commitment to sustainable production.

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