Time lapse for marketing in real estate

The use of time-lapse in marketing represents a relatively unexplored territory but with enormous potential. In essence, it is a new way to convey the value of a product – or a project – through visual content.

In this article, we analyze possible applications and future scenarios in the real estate sector.

Time lapse for marketing: new applications for new technologies

Is it possible to use time lapse for marketing? The answer is yes, especially in real estate marketing.

Time-lapse is a technique that allows creating a visual documentation of the evolution of an area or property over time, compressed into a short video. When used on a construction site, this methodology provides a fast-paced and dynamic view of the progress of work, enabling quick perception of significant changes in the landscape or structures.

The application of time-lapse in the real estate sector not only provides a visually appealing perspective but is also a powerful marketing tool. Through the visual storytelling of progress, it stimulates the interest of potential buyers, highlighting the dynamic evolution of real estate properties.

Visual content in real estate marketing

In real estate marketing, the ability to showcase construction progress is a fundamental element in positively influencing buyer perception. The use of tools like time-lapse, which captures progress in a visually impactful manner, creates an engaging narrative that goes beyond traditional 3D renders. Buyers are, in fact, enabled to observe the construction’s advancement in real-time, experiencing a tangible transformation.

The perception of tangible progress instills confidence and transparency, reducing uncertainty associated with purchasing a property in the development phase. Witnessing foundations take shape, walls rise, and spaces come to life contributes to establishing an emotional connection, which can translate into increased interest and a sense of belonging—key aspects for the success of real estate sales.

time lapse for marketing: time lapse manage
Time lapse manage

Moreover, tangible progress demonstrates developers’ commitment to quality and timely delivery, aiding in building a strong reputation and positioning the project as an attractive choice in the real estate market.

How to make time lapse work in marketing

The production of high-quality time-lapse in real estate projects requires both technical and legal expertise to ensure image stability and compliance with the regulations in the country hosting the construction site.

From a technical standpoint, it is essential to possess advanced skills in configuring a system comprising sensors, optics, and cameras that can generate comprehensive visual documentation with clear, detailed, and stable images, adapting to the characteristics of the construction site and the client’s requirements.

Moreover, knowledge of local laws and regulations is crucial. Before installing any surveillance equipment, an understanding of privacy regulations and obtaining the necessary permissions is imperative. These legal skills ensure that the image acquisition process complies with current laws, protecting both the privacy of individuals and the legal integrity of the project.

Detailed photo of a construction site
Detailed photo of a construction site

Evolving technologies

To envision the future of time-lapse in real estate marketing, we can anticipate the continued implementation of technologies that revolutionize the presentation and promotion of properties.

A key trend is the increasingly widespread integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the processing and analysis of images obtained through time-lapse.

Furthermore, we might witness a shift towards immersive experiences with the growing use of technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) coupled with time-lapse. This way, potential buyers could virtually explore evolving spaces, gaining an even more engaging perspective on the project’s progress.

Simultaneously, the adoption of more advanced drones and their integration with time-lapse is expected to become the norm, providing detailed and dynamic aerial views of real estate sites.

These technologies promise to further enhance the visual experience for buyers and offer a deeper understanding of the features of properties in development.

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